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Dog Paw Print

Dog Paw Print – Sharing Life with Your Best Friend!

Your dog loves you unconditionally and gives you fun, companionship and comfort when you need it the most.
This is the place to celebrate your dog and share your ‘dog love.’ Learn more about dogs, and find out how to choose, care for, and enjoy your best friend every day.
Dog Paw in Human Hand

In addition to helpful information about finding the right dog for you and learning more about your dog so that you can give them the best life ever, we also share places to go that allow and encourage dogs. Just like you, I love dogs because they give boundless amounts of affection and loyalty and are just plain FUN to hang around with! Dog Paw Print was created with you in mind as a place where we can share our love of dogs together.

Why is this site called “Dog Paw Print?”

Dog Paw in Human HandA dog’s paw print is his or her unique calling card or “signature.” We believe that each dog is special and leaves an indelible mark, their paw print, on the people who love them. This site celebrates the many ways that dogs make us better as people. We love to share all of the great things that dogs do for people- how they help us today and what they’ve done for humankind throughout history.

Dogs can offer us a reason to get outside and exercise, meet others, and can even carry out useful tasks that help us work or function better in our world. They can be trained to assist people, search and rescue those who are trapped or lost, and can detect things that are dangerous to people. It is no wonder that dogs are called “man’s best friend!”

As an avid dog lover, I feel that the dog’s’ paw print is the one immediately recognizable symbol that says “dog” to me….that is why I have chosen the paw print for my website’s symbol. This illustration was inspired by one of my own dogs’s paws. Sofie, our Springer Spaniel was happy to lend a hand, or…umm…paw to the project!

What Will You Find Here?

I bet you love spending time with your dogs and think it is fun to try out new dog-friendly adventures. Our family loves to travel with our dogs. When that is not possible we rely on a great doggy daycare and sleepover facility to take care of them while we’re away. We will give you tips on traveling with your dogs as well as what to look for in a good boarding facility.

[adinserter block=”1″]We also go on fun outings to pet-friendly beaches, parks, and festivals, and have taken training classes together. We’ve got loads of ideas here about how to spend time with your dog, and can’t wait to share some of them with you! I also enjoy making things for my dogs, and think you might like some of these ideas too. They are fun projects to work on, and can save you money which is always a good thing! I have instructions on how to make your dog a collar, recipes for baking homemade treats and even some ideas about to throw a dog birthday party for your favorite pooch.

Do you want to show your love for dogs by helping out some dogs in need? How about supporting your local shelter by volunteering your time or making a donation? I will point you in the right direction on ways that you can help dogs in your local area. I also have links and tools that will point you to local and national groups and shelters.

You’ll also find information about how to go about finding a dog that will suit you and your family members well. If you are looking to add a dog to your family, it is really important to learn both what you are attracted to and what you can tolerate in terms of your new dog’s activity level, grooming needs, and many other factors that go along with being a responsible dog owner. My quizzes and articles will help you with this search.

My “Choosing A Dog” Quiz

To help you learn what is really important to you and your family, I have created a printable selection quiz for choosing a dog that will help you identify your wishes and tolerances. My quiz is being utilized and endorsed by the LA District Attorney’s Office in their animal negligence prevention program! I am honored that they are using my quiz to teach others about being responsible pet owners, and about what having a dog really means in terms of cost, care and commitment.

I recommend that you take my Choosing A Dog Quiz first to help determine the lifestyle of your family and what types of breeds would probably work best for finding your family’s PERFECT match. This research and self-examination time will be well spent in helping you in finding the perfect match. From there, you can take what you learn, and plug it in to our breed selector tool to help you figure out what breeds match your wishes.

Happy pug! Fawn colored pug, Otis, is a happy guy at the dog parkTwo of our three dogs are/were rescues, and our family really supports the idea behind the idea of promoting shelters and rescues when searching for a new addition to your life. We hope you will consider it! We have done volunteer work for a local rescue group in our area, and think that it is a fun and rewarding way to give back.

Speaking of rescues, if you’d like to read about how Otis (our pug) found us, click the dog story link to find out how our daughter wished him into our family! Otis was slated to be dropped off at the nearest kennel when his family was moving out of their house, and we decided to rescue him, making him part of our family. We love Otis!

Other Great Stuff on the Site:

Dogs and FUN go hand in hand, so be sure and visit my pages of pet-friendly places to visit, and get some fun ideas of places to go and things to do with your dog.

Sometimes it is fun to make things that feature dog paw prints and other canine-related clip art. I have created free dog web graphics and paw print clip art that you can use for your projects. Another fun addition is my section of interactive games kids can play and coloring pages that all ages will enjoy! Make sure you check out our most popular coloring page, my paw print coloring page, drawn from our English Springer Spaniel’s very own real paw print.

So come on in and look around a bit- I know you will find just what you need here at Dog Paw Print. Keep up to date with site news and information by  subscribing to our feed. We’re always adding exciting, new information to the site that you won’t want to miss!

Welcome to Dog Paw Print!