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About Us- The Dog Paw Print Team

Lori with dogs at the beachHi! I am Lori, and along with my husband, Steve, and daughter, Kayli, we make up the Dog Paw Print team.

We are huge dog lovers, and I started this website, Dog Paw Print, to share our passion for “all things dog” with our site visitors. I had the idea to start a website about dogs back in 2007, a few years after we went on a quest to add a second dog to our family, and adopted our English Springer Spaniel, Sofie. At the time, I had no idea how to build a website, but kept working at it, and the the site (and my skills!) have grown and grown since then. I do the writing and designing, and my family helps me with a lot of the other tasks that go along with a web business. They also contribute lots of stories and photos that I turn into the pages on this site.

My husband, Steve, and I have had lots of dogs throughout our lives, and we also had a dog together for thirteen years, the lovely and well-missed Ophelia. But since we have had our daughter Kayli, we have had three dogs in our little family, all who have taught us joy, patience, love and many other lessons about how to care for dogs.

About Dog Paw Print- Our dog, GuinevereOur first dog, Guinevere, a Cocker Spaniel/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix was a happy accident. We didn’t know any better back then and bought her from a pet store, which we would never do today.

We were very lucky with Guinevere, but found out that we should have known a lot more before acquiring her. She came from Missouri, one of the states notorious for puppy mill dogs, and most likely was a puppy mill dog herself. Many puppy mill dogs can be sickly or have genetic health issues, and we feel it is a terrible abuse that their mothers are kept at these awful places to have litter after litter in deplorable conditions. We do not support the idea of purchasing dogs from pet stores, and we whole-heartedly condemn puppy mills altogether.

About Dog Paw Print )2-our dog SofieWe happen to live on a busy bike and walking trail in Florida that runs parallel to a medium traffic roadway. Over the years we have rescued several dogs from being hit by cars that we have found in and around the trail, dogs that had gotten away from home and made their way to us along the trail. In every case, we fell a little in love with our temporary friends while we looked for their families and eventually got them back home. We wanted to plan the addition of our second dog more carefully, to make sure that she would get along with our dog, Guinevere, and would fit in well with our busy lifestyle.

After trying to research what dog breed might be best for our family, we decided on an English Springer Spaniel, and proceeded to move forward with adopting a dog through English Springer Rescue of America (ESRA).

We learned so much during Sofie’s adoption process, and felt that sharing some of what we found out might help others, so was born, initially to help people learn how to match up dog breed traits and characteristics to their own family’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

Over the years, we have found that our visitors wanted additional fun information about celebrating the family dog, and so we created sections of pages with names for dogs, ideas of places to go and things to do that are dog-friendly, advice for dog problems, and well, just loads more content that we hope dog-lovers would probably enjoy.

Happy pug! Fawn colored pug, Otis, is a happy guy at the dog parkSince then, we have acquired a third dog, our pug Otis, and are officially a three-dog family! You can read more about his amazing journey to us in this true dog story if you want to learn about the wonderful world of Otis.

We still help dogs and families get together, and are always ready to lend a hand whenever we see a dog running loose that doesn’t have a person or family nearby. Whether we are here in our home town or away on vacation, we feel it is our duty to make sure that all dogs are safe and protected!

We hope you enjoy our website. Drop us a comment via our contact form, sign up for our informative and fun e-zine (look in the left sidebar for the blue sign-up box) and visit us here often, as we are always adding more to the site.

Thanks so much for visiting Dog Paw Print!

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