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Advantage Flea Treatment

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Bayer Advantage II: Advantage Flea Treatment for Dogs

Advantage flea treatment for dogs is safe for puppies seven weeks and older. Bayer Advantage flea control is available for many different weight ranges and can be purchased in packs of six month or four-month supply, so be sure to know what you are ordering so that you can compare comparable Advantage treatment products.

This page features the image for the 21-55 pounds (red box) with 6-doses, but it is also available for the 0-10 pound range (green box), as well as the 11-20 pound (teal box) and the over 55 pound range (blue box). Here are the links to the other packages available by dog’s weight and number of doses (note whether it is a four or six month supply.)

0-10 pounds (green), 6 mo.

11-20 pounds (teal), 6 mo.

over 55 pounds (blue), 6 mo.

0-10 pounds (green), 4 mo.

11-20 pounds (teal), 4 mo.

Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs 21-55 pounds (red) 6-doses

over 55 pounds (blue), 4 mo.

These Advantage flea treatment packs contain squeezable vials that are applied between your dog’s shoulder blades on the skin once a month to conrol fleas for 30 days.

This well-reviewed flea treatment is quick acting and long lasting to kill and protect against both fleas and lice. Advantage kills all flea life stages and is effective even if your dog gets wet.

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