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Advantix Flea Control

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K9 Advantix Flea Control for Dogs, 6 Month Flea and Tick Prevention Supply
Apply Advantix Flea Control drops once a month to kill adult fleas, eggs and larvae. In addition to its excellent ability to control fleas, Advantix flea control also works to repel both ticks and mosquitos, as well as biting flies and lice.

After topical application to your dog’s skin, adult fleas will be completely killed within twelve hours. The product keeps on working becuse it kills the eggs and larvae before they can hatch, and it keeps on working for a full thirty days.

Flea bites can cause many health problems and discomfort for your dog. As we are sure that you are already aware, mosquitos can be disease carriers and can infect your dog with heartworms, and ticks carry many serious diseases, so it is important to control these pests. Advantix offers excellent protection against these disease carrying parasites.

This supply contains six tubes of the Advantix drops, which will protect your dog for half of the calendar year.

Be sure to begin treating your dogs at the beginning of Spring and coninue through the summer, when fleas, ticks and mosquitos are most prevalent…

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