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Australian Dog Names

Australian dog names can come from names of people and places, words that are Aussie slang, and native words to the culture there. Rather than publish a huge list that includes ones that we don’t think are particularly great for dogs, we have carefully edited this name list and have also included definitions of the words for you to read through. You will find unique female Australian name ideas for dogs, such as Karri, a Western Australian Aboriginal word for a type of eucalyptus tree, as well as interesting boy dog names like Ace, which means “excellent!” or “great!” in Australian slang.

Our Favorite Girl Dog Names (Australian):

Several well-loved breeds are native to Australia, including the Australian Cattle Dog, like the one pictured in the right sidebar. Looking for a great Australian Cattle Dog name? Choose one from our lists below!
Australian Dog Names- Kangaroo Crossing sign
Bikkie biscuit or cookie (slang)
Brizzie slang for Brisbane, the capitol of Queensland, Australia
Jillaroo female station hand
Kiwi Australian slang for a New Zealander
Sooky Animal or person who is soft or tame (slang)
Shelia a woman (slang) (opposite of a “bloke”or guy)
Chrissie Christmas (slang)
Talia near water- an aboriginal word
Kylie Western Australia word for boomerang
Amarina an Aboriginal word for rain
Kiah “from the beautiful place” (Aboriginal)
Coorah an Aboriginal word for woman
Karri a Western Australia Aboriginal word for a type of eucalyptus tree
Miki an Aboriginal word for the moon
Tallara another name for rain (Aboriginal)
Kora a companion (Aboriginal)

Take a look of some of these great Australian dog names for your new boy dog.

Ace The best! Excellent! (slang)
Youri Aboriginal word, meaning “to hear”
Mani Equal (Aboriginal)
Kolya Aboriginal word for Winter
Mandu the sun (Aboriginal)
Nioka Green hills (Aboriginal)
Aussie slang word for a person from Australia
Boomer a large male kangaroo (slang)
Digger Australian soldier (slang)
Jarrah an Aboriginal word for a type of eucalyptus tree
Nipper slang term for a young surfer/lifesaver
Roo slang for kangaroo
Wally someone who makes mistakes (slang)
Bitzer a mongrel dog (slang)
Brumby wild horse (slang)
Dag a goof, humorous person (slang)
Dux slang for “top of the class”
Jackaroo male station hand (slang)

As with the Native American languages in the United States, there are many different Aboriginal tribes and native languages, as well. As you search through different places for the origins of Aboriginal words, you will find many different naming patterns and spellings for the English meaning of the word. For instance the word that means “moon” in English has many different variations in the different Aboriginal languages. Some of these are Orana/Arana/Orani, Miki, Loorea, Jiba and Pierah. There are others as well. Remember, Australia is a huge land mass, and the native peoples were from all different areas of Australia. We hope you had fun choosing a name from our list! Didn’t find the perfect dog name yet? Be sure to check out our other popular dog name pages!
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