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What is the Best Dog for Me?

Dog Breed Selector Quiz
Question #5 Quiz Results (Costs)

If you haven’t yet taken our Best Dog for Me Quiz, click the link here or in the right column, and take our quiz first, then come back here to find out what your answers mean. Our first page of quiz results begin back here. If you’re asking the question, “What’s the best dog for me?” our quiz is a helpful tool in establishing wht your lifestyle is like and how certain breeds can fit into the picture to make it “picture perfect!”

Below, you’ll find the results for the 5th question on our quiz that asks:

Can your finances support caring for a dog?

Best Dog For Me- veterinarian care- consider all costs carefully before bringing a dog homeThere’s no doubt about it! Dogs are expensive, and your initial costs of obtaining one are only a very small portion of what you will spend on them throughout their lifetime.

You will need to consider the costs of food and treats as well as supplies like beds, collars, leashes, a crate. Of course veterinary care is a must, both annual checkups and emergency visits that may occur if your dog is injured or shows signs of a health problem.

Dogs require dental care, usually getting their teeth cleaned once a year, and also need ongoing heartworm and flea prevention medications. If you travel, you will also need to figure in the costs of either boarding or the extra traveling charges, and if they have a medium to long coat, you will need to factor in grooming costs as well. Carefully consider these costs and make sure you are able to afford the breed that you would like to add to your household. There is nothing sadder than an animal having to go to a shelter or rescue because finances were not planned for properly in advance, and a rash decision was made to bring a pet home that cannot be afforded.

Basically, “the best dog for me” is one that fits well into your budget and other lifestyle requirements.


If you answered on our quiz:

Finances are not a problem

You are very, very fortunate! You will have enough to cover all of the costs associated with owning dogs.

I will need to budget, but have carefully considered all of the costs

This is great. You are aware of all the financial needs of caring for a dog, and can handle it in your budget. Congratulations on your efforts and advance planning. You will be a responsible owner.

My finances fluctuate, so it will be hard to budget. What do I need besides food anyway?

Although this answer is a little tongue-in-cheek (most people do realize that there are other things to consider besides the costs of feeding dogs), many do not realize the full financial commitment it will take. Please take the time to learn more about the costs before you jump into things and bring a dog home before thinking it through.

Finances are tight. I am not sure what the total costs might be.

Again, you are not ready to move forward until you learn more about the costs of dog ownership.

You are almost finished! Continue on to the next section of the answers for the “What is the Best Dog For Me Quiz .”

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