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Capstar Flea Medication

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Capstar Flea Medication, 6 Tablets

Capstar flea medication is fast and effective in totally killing fleas on your dog or cat. This oral medication works a little differently than most of the other flea control pills on the market. Capstar is given when you first see fleas on your pet to get rid of those fleas completely. It can be used as frequently as once a day to completely eradicate fleas. Within thirty minutes after giving your dog a Capstar pill, the fleas will start dying, and will be completely dead within six hours.

This pill is not meant to be a long-lasting flea preventative. It does not prevent future flea infestations, however it does an excellent job of completely killing any fleas that are already on your dog.

Nitenpyram, the active ingredient in Capstar flea medication, works on the nerve transmittors of the flea and effectively kills any flea on your pet, very soon after the pill iis given.

Talk to your veterinarian about using Capstar in conjunction with a monthly flea preventative program. This pill can jump-start the flea killing process so that the preventative medication has time to begin working. Preventatives are slower acting but will continue to kill fleas for a month-long period. For more information on monthly topical flea medications, visit our dog flea medication page.

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