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You’ll be a lot smarter about identifying dog breeds after looking through our information. We list what dogs make up different breed groups and give you some interesting, historical facts about their traits and how this affects their temperaments today.

Working Dog Group

The Boxer is the most popular breed within the AKC registered Working Dog Group. Sturdy and dependable, the Boxer can make a wonderful family dog choice. The working dog group members were all bred to help people do specific jobs. From helping assist with guard duties and farming tasks to being key helpers in full-blown […]

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Toy Dog Breeds

Good things Come in Small Packages Toy dog breeds are the smallest-in-stature AKC group of dogs. These were bred originally for the sole enjoyment of people, and had no real “job” to do throughout the ages except be companions for their people. We have a pretty good visual record through history of this group, since […]

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Terrier Dog Breeds

The most popular registered breed of the AKC Terrier Dog Breeds group in the United States is the Miniature Schnauzer, which has consistently retained the 11th most popular spot of all AKC registered dog breeds combined for the past several years running. The Terrier dog breeds group is made up mainly of dogs who were historically bred to […]

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Sporting Dogs Group

Members of the sporting dogs group generally have outgoing personalities and are happiest getting a good amount of exercise to keep them fit. They are medium to large sized dogs, and have been bred to be good hunting companions; pointing to, flushing out and retrieving downed fowl. Retrievers, Spaniels, Setters and Pointers are all dog types that […]

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Italian Dog Names

For great Italian Dog Names, check out our list! These names are of Italian origin and are traditional names for naming boys and girls in Italy. We’ve also included a list of Italian words that could make really cute dog names as well. You can find those at the bottom of the page. Italian dog […]

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Hound Breeds

Hound breeds are plentiful and popular. Currently, twenty-five different individual breeds make up the American Kennel Club’s Hound Group. Many hounds were first bred as hunting companions because of their special tracking qualities that the hunter can utilize. Scenthounds, like the Basset Hound and Dachshund, follow their noses and help follow trails to prey on […]

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Herding Dog Breeds

Collies, Sheepdogs, and Cattle Dogs, Oh My! There are some pretty amazing dogs in the Herding Dog Breeds group. If you have seen the movie, Babe, you probably recognize what the Border Collie is doing in the photograph to the left. By simply “giving eye” (or staring at the sheep), along with making barking sounds, this amazing breed […]

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Pick a Dog Breed

Pick a Dog Breed You’re wanting to pick a dog breed that is right for your family, right? First, be sure to utilize our great dog breed selector tool and quiz, which will help you pick the best type of breed for you. This page contains a list of issues to think about before you pick a breed; like thinking […]

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Dog Breed Selector Quiz

Dog Breed Selector Quiz Question #6 Results (Commitment) If you haven’t yet taken our Dog Breed Selector Quiz, click the link here or in the right column, and take the selector quiz first, then come back here to find out what your answers mean. Our first page of results begin back here. Below, you’ll find the results for […]

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Reference Books about Dogs

Books About Dogs

There are so many great books about dogs out there, but a few have been extraordinarily helpful to us as we researched recommendations for choosing dogs by breed and type, and we felt it would be really useful to share our favorite books about choosing and understanding breeds with you here, along with the reasons why […]

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