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Chinese Dog Names

Chinese Dog Names buttonChinese dog names are a wonderful idea, especially if you want to name your Chinese breed something that reflects their origin. Popular breeds like the Pug, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, Chow Chow and others are stand-outs when paired with a great Chinese name. The Chinese culture lends itself to many great naming ideas, but here are some favorites that are actual Chinese names for boys and girls.

Chinese Dog Names
for Male Dogs

An (pronounced AHN) Means peace.
Cong (TSUNG) Means smart, or of great intelligence.
Gan (GAHN) Adventure
Huang (HUANG) Emperor, wealthy
Hung (HUNG) Great Kang (KANG) Full of health
Kun (KWUNG) Universe
chinese dog names list- black pug in Chinese sceneLi (LEE) means strength. Can also mean chestnut.
On (ON) Peace (similar to An)
Piao (PEE-OW) Handsome
Quon (KWON) Bright
Sheng, Shing (pronounced as they look) Victory
Xun (SHWING) Swift
Yuan (YWAHN) Circular, round
Yun-qi (YING-CHEE or YING-SHEE) Luck or fortune
Zhu (ZHOO) To congratulate

Chinese Dog Names for Female Dogs

Sharpei- Chinese dog names listAh-Lam (AH-LAHM) Like a beautiful orchid
Bao (BOU) Precious
Chan-Juan (CHAN-JOO-AHN) Graceful, like the moon
Chun (CHWEN) Spring, as in the season of the year.
Dao-Ming (DOW-MING) shining path
Fang (FAHNG) Fragrant, perfumed
Jiao (JEE-OW) Beautiful
Jing (JING) Sparkling and clear, shining, like crystal
Lian (LEE-AHN) Graceful
Ling (LING) Delicate, fragile
Mei (MAY) Beautiful
Mei-Lien Beautiful Lotus
Ming (MING) Shining, bright, clear
Yin (YING) silver
Zhin (CHENG) Treasure

Did you find a good Chinese name for your dog from our list? We hope so! We have a lot of other dog name lists available on our site, so be sure to check some of our other lists out while you are here. We have names from all over the world as well as great names for girl dogs, boy dogs and, if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, unique and funny name lists. Be sure and visit our Names for Dogs page to find lots of other fun and interesting dog name pages.

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