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Choosing a Dog

choosing-a-dog-01It seems that choosing a dog, for most families, is a confusing process.“Where do I even begin?” you may ask.

The Dog Paw Print website aims to help you through the maze of questions and information overload that is bound to come up when learning about dogs for you and your family.

Dogs and Kids

One of the main goals of this website is to help you get it right the very first time as you venture on this quest of choosing a family dog and bringing it home to join you, your children, and your other pets.

When chosen carefully, the success rate of your match is high, and the risk of behavior problems in your new dog becomes much lower, because you have taken the time to learn what will work best for you, and are able to give your new family member what it really needs.

Please consider more than just the appearance of dogs when choosing them. Although most people find it hard to separate the beauty or cuteness of dogs from their traits, it is imperative that you do not let appearance overrule good sense. Sadly, many dogs get chosen for the wrong reason, only to find out later that they were a poor fit with the family who chose them. Too many of these end up at shelters when their behaviors are too difficult to contend with. They are not bad dogs, but are bad fits for certain families because their behavior didn’t work with their adoptive families.

Selection Guidelines

Choosing requires some work up front, in order to make the time after you bring your dog home a joyful experience. Your research time will be well-spent, and you will be rewarded for your efforts with a wonderful companion for your family. If you are looking for a family pet, We will help you with the process of picking a great breed, and reveal a list of good dogs for kids. These were not chosen haphazardly, but rather after consulting numerous well-respected references- ones that are proudly listed on this site.

We think it is helpful to let you know what we think are the most important guidelines when choosing a dog for your family.

Although you can find sweet-tempered individuals in all groups of dogs, breeds tend to have broad characteristics. It is these characteristics that can help you narrow down your list of choices.

Is it possible to find a friendly, sociable dogs within a breed that is generally solitary, undemonstrative, territorial or highly dominant?
Of course exceptions do exist!
Individual dogs can always break the “rules” of these categories.

But our goal here is not to help you find the one dog in a group who is different from his group.

Our goal is to help families with choosing by suggesting breeds of dogs that will fit best with families because of their known breed characteristics.

How do you know what the needs and characteristics are for the breeds you may be considering, and what would be a good match when choosing a dog for you and your family?

There are many books and articles you can read on the different breeds and what their native traits are, and that is a good idea, but we will hopefully make your life a lot easier by offering you information here that can help you narrow down the choices much more quickly, and make the process of choosing much easier for you.

Important Points

Since many families either have children, or have children that visit their household, we try to focus on family-friendly breeds.

If your children are very young, it is imperative that you NEVER leave your child alone withdogs, no matter how sweet theirtemperament. Children can poke and pull, and even sit on dogs, and sometimes the animal may react in an unexpected way to unexpected situations. Always making sure that you are present protects both your child and your puppy from being injured.

We have much more available on this topic on our website. Read more about family-friendly breed characteristics here.

Be sure to visit us again after you have brought your puppy home. We have dog treat recipes, care information and fun dog-related activities to try. You might even want to add something to our site about your own dog by using our Contact page.

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