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Question 2 Answers- Lifestyle Info


If you haven’t yet taken our quiz to help you pick a dog breed, click the link above and take the quiz, then come back here to find out what your results indicate. Our 1st page of Choosing Dog Breed Quiz results begins back here.

Below, you’ll find the results for the 2nd question on our Choosing Dog Breed Quiz,What is your Lifestyle Like?

What is your Lifestyle Like?

Your answers to this question help establish how much time you will be with your dog, how important the orderliness and cleanliness factor is to you at home, and whether you enjoy constant activity or quiet in your home. If you answered:

I work full-time:

You will want to select a breed that is not known to have separation anxiety issues. Some close companion animals will actually pine while their people are away. These are also difficult dogs to board, because they can’t stand to be apart from their families. You will need to figure out a way to walk your dog mid-day, if you will be gone longer than six hours. Perhaps you can come home during the lunch hour or install a doggy door that will allow your dog to potty in a fenced-in area.

I am home a good deal of the time:

This is the optimal answer, because few arrangements need to be considered.

I am a neat freak:

You will want to look for a low-shedding to no-shedding dog, and one that will not likely track a lot of dirt or sand in the house. Avoid dogs with fluffy large paws that trap dirt and bring it inside. If you are too much of a neat freak, you may need to reconsider the idea of getting a dog, because dogs get ill sometimes, and even the best-trained ones can occasionally make a mess somewhere in your house.

I am OK with some clutter:

You are probably fine with most dog breeds, but might want to steer away from the heaviest shedding breeds, and ones known to drool a lot (ie. bulldogs, bloodhounds, and others).

I don’t care what my house looks like!:

You will be fine with hairball “tumbleweeds,” drool, muddy feet, and more. All breeds are fair game, then, for the “messy” factor.

I am very active, and would like an active dog

Many dogs will fit the bill in this category. A Siberian Husky, Boxer or Golden Retriever would be great for you, if this is your main objective.

I would like a companion, but would rather have a calm, quiet dog:

If this is your sole objective, you should be looking for a dog with a fairly low activity level. You might look along the lines of a Basset Hound, Clumber Spaniel or a Pug.

I would enjoy a dog that likes outdoor activity, but is quiet indoors

An English Setter might be a good choice for you.

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