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Choosing the Right Dog for YOU

Youthful man with this dogLearn how to find a great dog match that fits in with your family’s lifestyle, likes and tolerences. You’ll find out a lot about what will work best by using our tools and reading the advice in the articles on Dog Paw Print.

The most effective help for choosing the right dog for you is available right here at Dog Paw Print.

First, you’ll want to discover the canine qualities that you want most by taking our Selection Quiz for Choosing a Dog; a great self-discovery tool.

Next, learn which breeds or types will be a great fit for you by discovering the special characteristics of the different breeds and breed groups. By choosing a breed match that will fit your family’s lifestyle, you will ensure a long and happy relationship with your new family addition that is beyond measure!

One of the main goals of our website is to help you get it right the first time as you venture on the fun and important quest of choosing a family dog. With a little bit of assistance here, you will find that the selection process is an enjoyable one that will reap many rewards!

Did you know that the main reason that animals end up in shelters is that their owners felt that they were more than they could handle? Dog behavior problems can be frustrating, and these families did not expect that their new pet would be so difficult. Families that buy on impulse or don’t realize that there are so many differences in traits within each breed are not choosing the right dog carefully, and their impulsiveness in bringing their new friend home can sadly backfire.

Family walking with their dogPets are often a bigger responsibility than many realize. Our selection quiz will help you think about some of the things that are required and will call out some of the issues that may be a problem for you.

Don’t give up, even if you are surprised with your answers. There are dogs that require little grooming if you don’t have time for it, ones that will be great running partners if that is what you are looking for, and pups that will happily sit on your lap while your read or watch TV if that is what you most desire. There are also breeds that don’t get riled up or bark easily if you want a quieter pet, as well as ones who will be alert if you are looking for a watchdog who will clue you in when someone is getting near your house. It all depends on the true nature of the animal, and many times this is due to their breed characteristics.

You see, instincts are strong, and tie back into their origins and breeding. Dogs that were bred to work and herd will not be happy sitting still. They will need something to substitute for this “work” or they will become bored and find something (generally something undesirable to humans) to do on their own.

You can always work with these issues (see our Dog Behavior Problems page), but it is much easier to deal with if you take some time up front and do some research. See our suggested reading list and read about the breeds and breed groups after taking our selection quiz, and get ideas of what will work well for you.

Hint: do not buy from a store, no matter how adorable the pleading eyes and sweet face. Learn about puppy mills and backyard breeders and how you can avoid problems when choosing.”

Finally, what should you expect in the first few hours, days and weeks of bringing your new pet home? Is your pet a puppy? We have some great puppy information on our site.

How should you introduce your new friend properly to your other animals and to your children? And what can you do to make their early days with you less stressful and create schedules that you can both depend on. Your bonding process will be helped by knowing what you might expect. With a little attention, choosing the right dog will be a breeze, and you will cherish your many happy years together.

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