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Results For Question #3 (Sociability)

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Below, you’ll find the results for the 3rd question on our Dog Breed Quiz:

How Do You Want Your Dog to Relate to You and Others?

Your answers to this question indicate whether you are looking for a breed that will play well with others and be friendly to both new people they have not met yet and other animals in social settings OR whether you are looking for a more aloof, watch dog breed who can protect you. If you answered:

Must be good with children

The good news is that all breeds suggested here on Dog Paw Print are generally known to be good with children. Although dogs are unique individuals, and you should always proceed with caution when children are involved, if you narrow your choices down to the breeds thought to be the most tolerant with children, you are beginning with a solid list of family dogs to further investigate.

I want one that loves everyone!

A dog with this type of personality has a happy, loving and friendly disposition. Be ready to train him, though, from jumping up and kissing everyone he meets, though!

I want a dog that loves the entire family, and is friendly with our acquaintances

This is probably the easiest type of personality to have in a family dog. They are loving, but won’t be bothering every person that comes to visit for attention, and will not be quite as needy for constant affection from the family.

I want one that loves the entire family, and is tolerant of others

This type of breed is affectionate and loyal with their family, but is a bit aloof toward others, sometimes ignoring friends of the family when they visit. Sometimes this can be a good thing!

I want one that loves our family, but doesn’t warm up quickly to others

This type is affectionate and loyal, but either goes and hides when company comes, or tends to bark and be a bit concerned when others are visiting the household. This can work out OK, but can require some active training to stop the barking behaviors.

I want more of a “one-person” dog, who will gravitate towards me, but will still enjoy my family and accept others

Some breeds tend to be “one person” breeds. This is a bit different from a happy family dog who favors the person in the household that feeds and takes them places. This is a dog that shows clear favoritism. If you believe that this might make your kids feel a little left out, consider it before you decide to get this type of breed.

Dogs that are bred more for guarding are not as social and are not generally as tolerant of others that are bred to get along with all sorts of people and animals. But socialiization goes beyond your dogs’ breeding. Dogs who are socialized well from the time they are puppies can often overcome some of their inbred characteristics to a degree, but if you are looking for a guard dog, please read about them thoroughly and know about the temperaments of these breeds so that you will not be putting family members in danger due to carelessness.

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