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Dog Breed Selector Quiz

Dog Breed Selector Quiz
Question #6 Results (Commitment)

dog breed selector- group of dogs of different breedsIf you haven’t yet taken our Dog Breed Selector Quiz, click the link here or in the right column, and take the selector quiz first, then come back here to find out what your answers mean. Our first page of results begin back here.

Below, you’ll find the results for the 6th question on our selector quiz that asks:

How committed can you be to your dog?

Dogs take a lot of our time and energy. They need to be fed, walked and exercised. They need routine veterinary care and have to be kept clean, groomed and free of fleas and other parasites. For dog lovers, taking care of their dogs is part of the package, but for those who haven’t previously had a dog in their lives, you must think about how committed you can be to your new pet. Think about this in advance because certain breeds require much more maintenance than others. For instance, the coat of an afghan hound is long and can become easily matted without daily brushing, while a short-haired breed, a pug for instance, does not even require haircuts! Our selector will hep guide you to search for a breed that will fit your energy and commitment levels. If you answered:

I am interested and able to work with my dog every day, training, grooming and exercising him/her

This is the ideal situation. You can choose almost any breed, and be assured that you will have the time to devote to fully train and care for him.

My time is limited, but I am dedicated to spending some time each day training, exercising and/or grooming him/her

You are dedicated to do what it takes for your dog, even if you have a busy lifestyle. You will make time for your dog, whatever the breed.

I am not sure how much time I can dedicate to my dog for training, exercising and grooming, but have some time each week. I can take them out for daily walks, though

Many people fall into this category, and it is just fine, as long as the breed that you choose doesn’t require a huge expenditure of energy.

How much time do I need to devote to my dog? Isn‘t taking them out to go to the bathroom enough?

Without proper exercise, most dogs will act out. There are a few breeds that can do well without a place to run, or moderate daily walks, but you should carefully consider whether you will be able to make the time that your dog will need.

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