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Dog Coloring Pages

Dog Coloring Pages - A Dog Paw Print to colorWe have a great selection of dog coloring pages here on our site. What better way to talk to your young child about how to care for dogs than by introducing him or her to our fun coloring pages?

All of our coloring pages feature simple yet interesting pictures of dogs to color, but also include an important message to children about dogs. These printables are great for both home and classroom use.

One of our goals at Dog Paw Print is to provide tools to help educate kids about the responsibilities required of family members who bring a dog into their homes.

Dog coloring pages- a boy and his Golden Retriever to colorThe coloring worksheets you will find here have been created by us specifically for our site, and each includes positive messages to impart about some of the basic needs of dogs and how kids can get involvedin their care.

The messages range from reminders to be gentle with their dogs to statements about asking the adults in their family if they can help with some of the needs of their dogs (like bathing, walking and feeding).

Dog Coloring Pages- Children helping to give their dog a bath- a page to colorPlease use these childrens coloring pages as an educational tool to get these positive messages across to your kids. It is always advised to supervise young children when they are feeding, walking or giving dogs baths for the protection of both your dog and your kids, but getting kids involved in petcare will help them learn valuable lessons that can last a lifetime, which is a great thing!

As long as you do not alter the artwork, copyright information or messages and do not receive profit from their use, you have permission to use these to distribute in any fashion you wish, as long as you follow the instructions below and provide a link back to our site as directed.

IMPORTANT-If you use our coloring pages on your website or blog, please follow the instructions and link back to us.

We encourage you to make these childrens coloring pages available on your website, as long as you provide a link back to the website.

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How to Link Back to Our Site:

Dog Coloring Pages- A dalmation shelter dog to colorOur coloring pages are copyrighted, however we allow you to distribute them on your websites and personal pages if you link back to our site by following the instructions below. If you use any of our our free coloring pages on your site,all we ask is that you copy the code shown in the blue box below and paste it into your page. This creates a link back to us. It must appear close to the images of the coloring pages:

<a href=””>Dog Coloring Pages created by</a>

Coloring Worksheet Download Instructions

  • Click on the thumbnail-sized black-and-white images on this page to go to the full-sized printable coloring sheet page.
  • Once there, right-click anywhere on the full-sized image.
  • Choose “Save Picture As” or “Save Image As,” which will open a window for you to type in where you want to save the image on your computer.
  • Click “Save”
  • Navigate to the place where you saved the coloring page and open the file
  • Print it out!
Dog Coloring Pages -Puppy Resting

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