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Dog Flea Medication

There are so many effective and easy-to-use dog flea medication options available, that fleas should no longer be a problem if you use these proactively! Scroll down below the product links for more information about monthly dog flea control medication options and to learn about some of the differences in brands. For more information on these individually, click on the links to read more and view prices. First, here are the links to the topical medication options, with more information about each and the ability to purchase them on their own page. If you’d like to explore the medication choices that come as flea control pills, click on this link to go directly to that section. If you want more tips on other ways to control fleas in your home, yardand on your dog, click on our pages about preventing and killing fleas here.


Once-a-Month Topical Dog Flea Medication

Advantix Flea Control

Advantix Flea and Tick Control

Frontline flea treatment

Frontline Flea and Tick Control

Advantage Flea Control Medication

Advantage Flea Medication

Bio Spot Flea Treatment

Bio Spot Flea Treatment

Revolution flea treatment

Revolution Flea Treatment

Sentry Natural Flea Control Treatment

Natural Flea Treatment

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