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Dog Friendly Beaches – Resources

Beagle puppy running on the beach

It’s great fun to take your dogs along on beach outings, but it isn’t always easy to find great dog-friendly beaches where dogs are encouraged to romp and swim, so we’ve compiled some resources here to help you find great dog beach locations in both the US and Canada.

Dog Friendly Beaches in the US

There are many different types of dog friendly beaches, and they all have different rules and guidelines, so be sure to look each location up individually, and read the guidelines on what is allowed and what is not. Some beaches allow dogs to play and swim off-leash, but many require that they remain on leashes. All beaches require you to pick up after your dog, and it is common courtesy to keep beach areas clean.
Here is a link to a site that has extensive lists of pet-friendly beaches throughout the United States. Local areas change rules and add locations all of the time, and more spots are often added in local areas that many cumulative sites cannot keep up with, so here are tips on hew to find even more dog friendly beaches that might not be listed yet:
  • Use your favorite search engine, and search for “pet beach” or “dog beach” along with the name of your state, county or city. You can even type in “pet beach near me” and your smartphone’s geolocation services will kick in to help you pull up options.
  • If your State Parks’ or County Parks’ website has a chart of all of the parks and what each has to offer, check to see if they make any water areas open for dogs or pets in general.
  • Check with the Visitor Center for your area. Even the Chamber of Commerce, though they deal with businesses, can sometimes alse be knowledgeable about dog friendly beaches and parks in their area or steer you to the right agency to check with.
  • Check with your favorite local pet supply store for tips on where to go. This is generally a successful approach if you check with smaller, local shops rather than national chains.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Canada

The Pet-Friendly Travel site has a great selection of pet beaches in Canada. Be sure to check out all of their information that is geared toward Canadian dog lovers who want to enjoy time outside.


Dog Friendly Beaches- Tips & Reminders

Dog Friendly Beaches in Canada- Nova ScotiaHere are some helpful tips about what to make sure you have with you when you go to the dog beach:

  • Long Retractable Leash- helpful if you want to let your dog swim, but the beach requires that dogs are leashed even while swimming.
  • Fresh water
  • Sunscreen or umbrella- even dogs can get sunburned!
  • bags to clean up after your pooch
  • balls and floating toys to play with
  • An extra towel


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