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Dog Paw Print Clip Art – Paw Print Graphics for Projects

Welcome to my dog paw print clip art page. I have created original, FREE paw print clip art for use in all of your favorite projects. You are free to use this clip art, as long as you link back to me using the instructions as described below. Please read the rules listed below regarding use and copyright.

If You Use My Pawprints, Link Back to Me— Here’s How!

If you use any of my free clip art on your site, all I ask is that you copy the code just below, and paste it into your page. This creates a link back to my site. It must appear close to the clip art:

<a href=””>Dog paw clip art created by</a>

Dog paw print clip art - lime green paw printdog-paw-print-clip-art-hot-pink-paw
Dog paw print clip art - orange paw printDog paw print clip art- red paw
dog paw print clip art - bright blue paw printDog paw print clip art - purple paw print

These images are copyrighted, however I allow you to use them on your websites and personal pages if you link back to my website by following the instructions below and give me proper credit on your site near the artwork. You may use my clip art to adorn your dog-themed website, but please read my note about dog businesses. Special permission must be requested for commercial use. You may not distribute the artwork to any others in any fashion as a free or paid download from your site.

I hope you will enjoy using these free pawprint clip art graphics in your projects. I only ask ONE THING… Please link back to my website per the instructions below if you use these paw prints for any websites or newsletters. If you wish to use these for a business, you must contact us via our contact form to request permission. You may not use these in association with a business identity or logo. I also do not grant permission to use my work on e-commerce websites that sell dog products.

If you would like to request use for a published source or for a business purpose like a sign or flyer, please contact me. I am usually happy to oblige as long as it is not part of your logo or business identity and is not a highly commercial website. I generally just ask that you credit my website in the publication whenever possible. I can give you the specifics if you fill out the website contact form. I will want to know your business name and how you intend to use the artwork. You may not use it on items you will be selling.

To save one of these free clip art selections, just right click on the picture and choose the “save as” command from the drop down menu. Choose and name and save the .jpg file to your hard drive, and then open it up on your computer and use it!

Mac users can simply click and drag the images to your desktop, but please remember to link back to us! We appreciate you getting the word out about us!

clip art border of repeated dog paw prints in blackDog paw print divider with the paw prints going toward the right side of the page


free dog paw print backgrounds to use in your projects

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