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Dog Pics – View Our Beautiful Pictures

We have beautiful dog pics that we have collected from various sources, all with creative Commons licenses.Click on the buttons below to visit all of our dog picture collections. Enjoy!

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Tips For Taking Good Dog Pics

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Here are a few tips that can come in handy when photographing your dog:

  • Use Natural Light When Possible. Natural light lends beauty to most photographs. Interior lighting or flash photography can create weird color casts or cause “pet eye” syndrome which gives a strange green or transparent look to the eyes, caused by camera flash.
  • Take Pics when your Dogs are Relaxed. If your dogs are racing around, you will have a hard time capturing a good shot, and if they have been active and are hot and/or panting, the picture will not generally turn out that great. “Alert but rested” is a sure formula for a good picture.
  • Look at your Surroundings. Pics turn out much better when you notice everything that is in your camera’s frame. This seems like a simple tip, but many beginning or casual photographers don’t always give enough emphasis to the background or foreground in a photo. If your scene looks messy or something is distracting, your viewer will not zero in on the star of the photo, which of course should be your pet.
  • Avoid Pet Eye. Pet eye occurs when the flash reflects back from your dog’s eyes. You can either avoid using a flash (try and use a larger aperture setting in combination with a tripod to reduce camera shake) or take your shot from a bit of an angle. If you can position your camera farther away from your subject and either use the optical zoom to come in closer or take your shot from farther out and then crop in when editing your photo later, you can often avoid the weird effects that flash creates for dog’s eyes.

fawn colored pug wearing his own cute, custom dog name tag

Do You have Pics to Share?

Names for Dogs - Picture#2- boxer dog with a funny expression on his faceAre your dogs photo superstars? We’d love to see your own pics! If you write us via our contact form, we can give you instructions on how to email them to us.

Just give us permission to post your pics and we will do our best to share them on our website.

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