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Dog Story

A True Story About A Pug,
A Little Girl, and a Christmas Miracle

Here’s an inspirational dog story that is also a strange and amazing TRUE story that happened to us during Christmas 2007.
Pug dog laying on a pink blanketTo some, this story might even seem unbelievable, but I can assure you that it is an absolutely true Christmas story, with my daughter’s greatest wish- a pug dog- literally walking through our door two days before Christmas!

We had heard a lot about the “law of attraction” and always believed in the power of positive thinking. Still, we never would have imagined how a dog story like this one could happen to our family…

First, I better give you some background…

Applying the Law of Attraction to a Dog Story?

Pug dog sitting on a porch in the sunThe story begins about a year and a half prior to Christmas 2007. Our then ten-year-old daughter had been consistently obsessed with the pug dog breed.

She had saved up her own money and bought pug notebooks, a pug Webkinz, several other plush pugs and had even been gifted with pug purses, a plush pug Christmas stocking, and a messenger bag with pugs emblazoned on it- all before the pug came.

She had begged us for a pug dog nearly every single week for over a year, once her obession with pugs began.

Many of you who frequent the Dog Paw Print website know that we already had two dogs. We loved having more than one dog, but going from two to three dogs seemed a bit extreme. My husband and I pretty much squashed our daughter’s persistent requests for a pug. Two was the perfect number for us in terms of dogs. So it seemed. As you’ll see in this story, we had some surprises in store!

A Very Early Christmas List

dog paw print christmas listFor Kayli, our daughter, perseverance eventually worked in this story! For her, the key to true happiness seemed to be a pug, and it was a pug dog that she was determined to have!

In addition to consistently asking us if she could get a pug, the first really big “law of attraction” thing she did in our story here was to present us in July 2007 with a Christmas list. If you cannot guess, pugs featured prominently on the list. In fact, as you can see from the list shown to the left, she made sure to include “a pug” on every other line, just in case we happened to miss the obvious clues. To emphasize its importance, she gave us the Christmas list five months early.

The next development in the story was that she changed the main part of her e-mail address to “puglover.” We should have paid more attention. Kayli was becoming an expert in applying the laws of attraction. There was no question. She believed that she was going to get her pug. She just didn’t know she would get him for Christmas as this story unfolded (and neither did we!)

Could This Billboard be Important to our Dog Story?

Palm Harbor Realtors, Paul and Debbie Langrock's billboard ad featuring their pug, Rocky.As we grew closer to Christmas break, who would have thought that a billboard on a busy highway would end up being part of this true dog story and my daughter’s expert use of the law of attraction?

Nearly every day that we drove home from school, we passed a certain billboard with a huge photo of Palm Harbor, Florida realtors, Paul and Debbie Langrock on it. They proudly feature their pug “Rocky” in the ad on the sign.

Every time we passed the billboard, Kayli would wave at the billboard and shout, “Hi, Rocky” to the cardboard pug.

Fast Forward to Christmas 2007…

ballerina girl with pug on the front porchBack on the homefront, it was the Christmas season, and we were ready to walk out the door to get Kayli to her Nutcracker Ballet costume fitting. She would be busy all day, with an additional dress rehearsal and two ballet performances. She had been chosen to dance in one of the children’s roles with the Moscow Ballet production of the Nutcracker that year and her performances were both on the 23rd, just two days before Christmas.

Five minutes before our departure time, my husband walked upstairs with a puzzled look on his face and announced that a pug had wandered in to our garage. Kayli’s personal Christmas story was coming to fruition, and I can assure you that we had nothing to do with the pug in our garage!

My husband and I decided to divide and conquer. He would drive our daughter to her all-day Nutcracker extravaganza, and I’d stay behind for the time being and try to get this dog, who we actually recognized from the neighborhood, and who- get this- was also named ROCKY back to his family before the Nutcracker performances began.

Trying to Get the Pug Back Home

I walked him by leash over to his home but no one was there, so I left a note on their front door.

It was pretty urgent that I solve the problem soon, because I would need to join my husband in a short while to see our daughter’s ballet performance, and our other two dogs at home were more than a little upset that this small, stocky dog had barged into their happy home.

Smiling English Springer Spaniel Dog

“He’d better not steal my food- that’s all I can say!” Sofie was grumpy at first, but came around in the end.

I did not know the family’s last name, so could not look them up to call them about Rocky myself.

I noticed, however, that the family had a For Sale sign on the lawn. The only thing I could think of at the time was to call the realtor listed on the sign and leave a message about the situation.

I mentioned that even though our daughter was looking at this like it was the Christmas Miracle of the Pug, Rocky’s family must be desperate to have him home, and we were going to be gone most of the day into the late evening. “Please have Rocky’s family call us ASAP,” I begged.

I was happy to get a call back from the realtor fairly quickly, who told me that, uh, the family was moving, and that they, uh, were actually looking for a good home for Rocky. What??!! This story was getting really crazy now!

It was too strange. We didn’t really want to take on a third dog, but how could we say no to this almost perfect example of serendipity.

While Kayli rehearsed prior to her performances, my husband and I decided that we would allow her to adopt Rocky, and make him our new family member.

We kept the secret until we got home late that night after her last performance was completed.

A Christmas Miracle Match: The Big Reveal

girl and pug dog doing homeworkI’ll never forget the look on Kayli’s face when we started the long story about how my husband had been over to the family’s house, and that they told him that they were not going to be able to take Rocky with them when they moved.

“You mean we get to keep him?” she said, with her eyes full of hope. When we affirmed it, she burst out crying and literally sobbed tears of joy over the news.

It will be a moment I will always remember.

By the way, Kayli decided to change Rocky’s name to Otis, named for the pug in the movie, The Adventures of Milo and Otis. He has fit in with us and the other dogs perfectly. We are really happy that “The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist Pug Who Walked into Our Garage at Christmas” turned out well for all concerned, and that he is now part of our family’s “pack.” For us, this inspirational dog story was filled with good feelings, and it also happens to be true.

pug dressed up as a wizard

Otis does his best Wizard impression

pug dressed up as marie antoinetteSo, I’ll let you decide…. Do you think this was just a mere coincidence or something much more? Perhaps we all might want to take a lesson or two on positive thinking from Kayli!

For her, true perseverance paid off in the end. She now can dress our pug up in silly costumes, and he doesn’t even seem to mind. There seems to be instant devotion between the two of them, and certainly lots of love.

Some stories- even true ones- have great, happy endings; Don’t they?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our true dog story, and if you have a great dog story of your own, we hope you’ll share it with us if you get the chance. Just contact us on the Contact Form here and we’ll be sure to get back in touch for the details.

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