Dog Treat Recipes - Healthy, Homemade Treat Ideas

Dog Treat Recipes -Person giving their dog a dog treatHere are some favorite healthy dog treat recipes that you can make at home for your favorite dogs!

Homemade treat recipes like our Crunchy Peanut Butter Treat Biscuits make great gifts to give or to package and sell. These yummy peanut butter biscuits are our Puggle friend, Biscuit McCabe's favorite! Be sure to honor your dogs with a batch of these wonderful goodies. We have several tasty recipes for you to make for your your favorite furry friends!

Dog Treat Recipes - A guage that shows colorful dog treats but questions how healthy all store-bought treats may be

Commercial Dog Treat Pitfalls

Commercial biscuits are often loaded with ingredients that your dogs don't need, and in some cases, ingredients that aren't good for them. The next time you are in your local grocery, take a look at the ingredient lists for most of the dog biscuits pet food aisle shelves. Most are loaded with calories, fat and contain chemicals with very hard-to-pronounce names that are used for preservatives and binders.

Instead, why not check out our vegetarian dog treat recipes page for treats that are delicious AND healthy! Your dogs will gobble these vegetarian goodies up before you can say "Good Boy" or "Good Girl!"

For even more recipes that will please your pooches, you will also not want to miss our yummy chicken treat recipe- a great little recipe for the meat-loving pup in your life. No doubt about it.....dogs love meat, and you can't go wrong with this chicken-based treat recipe. You can easily cut it into small pieces and use it for a training treat that will make your dog smile.

Organic Dog Treats

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Organic treats are especially appealing, and most of the ingredients in our recipes can be easily adapted to entirely organic as they already feature healthy ingredients. Just as people must watch the foods and snacks that we eat, we should review the ingredients of the snacks that we give to our dogs to ensure that we are not going to contribute to future weight and health problems.

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Crunch Peanut Butter Dog Treat Biscuits recipe page- photo of a red rubber dog toy filled with peanut butter, and peanut butter dog biscuit treats Chicken Dog Treat Recipe- image of a black labrador hoping to steal a chicken treat from the grillEasy Dog Treat Recipes and Treat ideas- photo of a cute English Springer Spaniel pubby holding a green Bartlett pear
Vegetarian dog treats- photo of a Jack Russel Terrier begging for a veggie-based dog treat

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Making your own healthy dog treats is a way to control some of the fat, calories and possible allergens that your dog ingests. Hopefully you will enjoy making these dog cookie recipes for your favorite dogs.

Give these homemade cookies a try and let your dogs tell you what they think. We're sure you will receive lots of tail wags and sloppy kisses if you take some time to whip up a batch or two from these popular treat recipes.

Let us know how they turned out and what your dogs thought by dropping us a line via our contact page. We'd love to hear from you!

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