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Easy Dog Treat Recipes

Easy Dog Treat Recipes- Image 3- English Springer Spaniel puppy with a bartlett pear between its pawsIf you are looking for easy dog treat recipes, we have a lot of them on our site for sure, but this page is about REALLY EASY treats.

We’d like to share some amazingly easy treat ideas with you that our dogs have grown to love!

Some of these treats are healthy fruits and veggies with a twist, while others are combined with yogurt and other wholesome ingredients.

If your dogs turn their noses up at most fruits and vegetables, just add a dab of all natural peanut butter to make the treat irresistible. Always remember to wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly and remove seeds and pits before treating your dog. Many seeds and pits are toxic if eaten.

If you are looking for easy baked dog treat recipes, be sure to check out our main dog treat recipe pages for easy recipes that are proven favorites. Baked treats are a little more trouble, but they are worth the effort because we’ve left out ingedients that are found in many grocery store dog treats that are not good for your dog’s health. Our recipes feature healthy ingredients.

Here are some of our favorite super-simple natural treats for our dogs:

  • apple slices with peanut butter
  • strawberry tops, dipped in plain yogurt
  • peach slices
  • red or green bell peppers
  • romaine lettuce (believe it or not!)
  • watermelon

Make an Easy Frozen Treat for Your Pup

Easy dog treat recipes- Make a frozen dog treat. Dog is licking a popsicle treat.An easy and fun way to cool your pup off is to offer him or her a cold or frozen treat. These can be purchased of course (ie. Frosty Paws dog ice cream treats or other similar treats) but they can also easily be made at home!

Your dogs don’t really care if the popsicle has a stick in it or not, so unless you want to hold it for them, just make a tasty frozen treat that they can lick and chew. and give it to them where you can let them make a little bit of a mess (the porch is usually a good place).

One of the easiest containers to use is a paper cup,. Just fill it up with one of the ingredient combos below, freeze it and pop out the treat for them later.

Here are some ideas for frozen treats to cool them off:

  • applesauce, water and some mashed banana
  • chicken. beef or vegetable broth
  • plain yogurt, peanut butter, honey and apple
  • frozen banana
  • fruit juice with bits of any fresh fruit you have on hand

Be Careful of Ingredients that are Toxic to Dogs

In addition to some easy treat ideas, we’ve also included a link here to a helpful list of some common foods and ingredients that can be toxic to dogs. If you are going to give your dogs foods that are not normally part of their diet, we encourage you to check this list first.

Foods and Ingredients that are Toxic to Dogs- Please Read!

As with all recipes and information provided on this site, we encourage you to read our site disclaimer. We recommend that you always check with your veterinarian regarding any home made food recipes, treat recipes, nutrition, health or other advice you may find on this site, as your veterinarian knows your dog best. We hope you’ll enjoy trying these dog treat recipes and easy natural goodies with your dogs!

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