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English Bulldog Pictures

English Bulldog Pictures

English bulldog puppy smiling, eleven months old

Carley, the eleven month old brindle English Bulldog puppy , smiles for the camera. How adorable!

As English bulldog pictures go, these are some of the cutest we’ve ever seen! Meet Carley, an eleven month brindle who loves chasing bugs and smiling for the camera!

Carley was rescued by her family, who contacted me through the website and wanted to share her pictures with me. I thought her pics were amazing and worth sharing with you too.


English bulldog picture of a puppy chewing on a no chew spray treatment bottle. Funny!

Hmm…this bottle is supposed to be No-Chew training spray. It doesn’t appear to be working too well!


Carley the brindle English bulldog puppy, sitting on the sidewalk

Another great English Bulldog puppy pic of Carley. Doesn’t she look like she is ready to say something?

According to Carley’s new family, she was victim of a divorce situation. The couple who originally purchased her broke up and she was given up in the process. Another family had her for a short period while they tried to find her a new home. She found a forever home with a family that included two young boys, a mom a dad and a cat.

Even though she snores, as English Bulldogs are known to do, it doesn’t bother her new family one bit! They are so happy that Carley is now a part of their family. Her five-year-old human brothers said this: “Mom, I didn’t know dogs could be little sisters, and I love my little sister Carley. She is the best little sister ever!”


English bulldog pictures- Closeup of a brindle puppy. Adorable!

Who could resist this face? Carley is definitely ready for her closeup in this terrific shot!


English bulldog pictures- puppy Carley, sitting on the floor

Awwww- has this English Bulldog puppy stolen your heart yet? We’d like to thank Carley’s family for sharing her amazing pictures with us on the Dog Paw Print website!

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