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French Dog Names

French Dog Names buttonLooking for French dog names for your Poodle, Great Pyrenees or Basset Hound? Do you love France and all things French? You have come to the right place for some great dog naming ideas inspired from French culture.

Not only have we included real French names of boys and girls that are used when naming children, we have also included a few other favorite names inspired from French terms as well. We hope you enjoy our French dog-naming ideas!

French Dog Names for Male Dogs

Alain (AH-LANE) Alan

Antoine (AN-TWAHN) The French variant of Anthony, from St. Anthony, the first Christian monk whose relecs were taken to Vienne, France.

Chapeau (SHAP-OWE) A hat

Chez (SHAY) At the house of….

Étienne (AY- TYEN) Stephen

Foie Gras (FWAH GRAH) Fatty goose liver, a delicacy

Garçon (GAR-SOH) Literally means “boy,” and has been adopted when used to call a waiter, but is not appreciated by wait-staff!

Gauche (GOSHE) Left, as in used when giving directions

Jean (ZHAHN) John. Also in combinations such as Jean-Luc, Jean-Paul, Jean-Marc, Jean-Pierre

Pierre (PYAIR) Peter

René (REH-NAY) Renee (male form)

Savoir Faire (SAV-WAH-FARE) The knowledge of how to act appropriately for every situation

Tristan (TREES-TAHN)

Xavier (ZAYV-YEH) Transferred from the Spanish surname, which comes from St. Francis Xavier, a famous Spanish missionary

French Dog Names for Female Dogs


French dog names- coat of arms with fleur de lisBrioche (BREE-OSHE) A pastry that is somewhat like a muffin or popover

Alette (AH-LETT) means “noble one”

Amalie (AH-MAH-LEE) derived from the French word for work (amal)

Anaïs (AH-NAH-EES) grace-filled

Coquette (KO-KETT) Flirtatious girl

Croissant (KWAH-SAHN) A flaky, crescent-shaped pastry

Danièlle (DAHN-YEL) feminine form of Daniel

Eau de Vie (OH-DUH-VEE) water of life, a fruit-flavored brandy

Eclair (AY-CLARE) an oblong pastry, filled with cream and iced with chocolate

Fleur (FLEWR) Flower

Fleur-de-Lis (FLEWR-DUH-LEE) A stylized flower used on French coat-of-arms and other decorative heraldry

Glissade (GLEE-SAHD) Sliding, as in down a slope. Also a sliding move in dance.

Julienne (ZHOO-LEE-EN) Feminine form of Julien, Julian

Mignon (MEE-NYON) dainty, delicate

French Dog Names Page, poodle in front of the Eiffel towerPanache (PAHN-AHSH) Style, verve, flamboyance

Rive Gauche (REEVE GOSHE) The Left Bank, a section of Paris that makes up the “left side” of the Seine River

Solange (SO-LAHNZH) solemn, religious

Silhouette (SILL-OH-WETT) The outline or shadow of a person or object, usually all black. This would be cute also for a black dog. See more black dog names here.

Vignette (VIN-YET) little vine

Yvonne (EE-VONN) archer, feminine form of Yvon.

We hope our list of French naming ideas got you started on finding the perfect name for your dog! If you still want more name ideas, try our other dog name lists on our site. You are sure to come up with something you will like.

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