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Looking for fun dog games to play online? Here are some for all ages to enjoy!

Super High-Flyer Game

If you enjoy Jump and Run style games, try this fun game. You get ONE CHANCE on each jump, so the idea is to make your aviator pooch jump as high as possible on that jump.

He will receive energy to soar higher when you pick up more items in his path. You can do that by steering him over the higher objects. The more you can steer him over the items to pick them up while he is on his super-high jump, the higher he will go and the more points he will get for that jump.

Jumping Dog

Fun Game!

Fun dog games- Intro to Batman Dog Game

This is a short, but fun game that is easy to get the hang of quickly. Move your Batdog up and down with your mouse and fire at the kryptonite that comes up along the way by hitting your Enter key. Improve your score with each round!

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Dig Up Bones in this Flash Game:

The object of this game is to find and dig up bones. Use your arrow keys to move around the yard and your dog's nose will blink if a bone is nearby. Use your space bar to "dig." Keep trying in that area if you don't find the bone right away!! There will be one in the area but not neccesarily in the spot where you dig, so don't give up too quickly!

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