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Funny Dog Picture Gallery

funny dog picture 01- a chihuahua sitting next to some strawberries and cheese.

Here’s the first funny dog picture for you- a seriously misplaced chihuahua! Generally not a good idea to put a dog in the fridge, in fact it’s never a good idea, except in this picture, which is odd and definitely funny. Surprisingly, we put dogs and refrigerators together and came up with some funny pictures to share with you in our gallery. Image by “greenkozi” on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

This funny dog picture gallery has a theme: dogs and refrigerators! Check out the funny pictures of dogs near, under, opening and even ON refrigerators. You wouldn’t think that they would go together all that well, but when you consider all of the great things that are stored inside the refrigerator, you may understand why dogs like refrigerators so much.

Funny Dog Picture- Opening the Fridge Door??

Funny Dog Picture- Teaching a dog to open the fridgeThis looks really funny when you first look at it, right? But do you know that this is a dog that is trained to help people? We found this on the US Army’s Flickr page, showing this service dog in training, learning how to open the fridge and retrieve items for their person. Heck- I wish we could train our dogs to do this!… “Hey! Otis! Grab me a sandwich, will you?”
Service Dog Photo courtesy of “The U.S. Army” on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Another Funny Dog Picture: Feet First

Funny Dog Picture 04- Dog hiding behind fridge door. All you see is his feet.-

One Cool Pooch

Funny Dog Picture - One Cool Pooch- Black Lab in sunglasses by the refrigerator
Cool Black Lab Photo courtesy of “mulmatsherm” on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Another Funny Dog Picture: “On the Fridge”

Funny Dog Picture - Dog on top of the refrigerator.

In this funny dog picture, we have a dog that has somehow gotten on TOP of the refrigerator. We’ve seen cats up there before, but a dog??? Seriously???.
Dog on Fridge Photo courtesy of jcarbaugh on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

On our own fridge at home, we love to make up funny word poems about dogs and paste up funny pictures and other tributes to our dogs there to adorn our kitchen. The dogs could really care less, but we love a good funny dog picture and those silly magnetic poems, so it makes us smile to have them there. We’ve included a couple photos of our refrigerator poems for your amusement below.

Funny Dog Picture 07- Refrigerator Poem about a pug's wrinkles

OK- yeah. This is actually an Otis impostor (Otis is our pug), but my friend Beth made this cute magnet for our pug-addicted daughter even before we got our pug (see story here of how Otis found us) so it graces our crazy-quilt refrigerator. One of the rather disgusting things about pugs (besides the fact that they sometimes eat their own poop if given half a chance) is that stuff collects in the wrinkles on their faces and starts to stink, so it must be cleaned every few days to keep this from happening. Thank God this is my daughter’s job. Her “penance,” so to speak, for adding another dog to the mix here. We hold her to the promise of being a dutiful wrinkle-cleaner. Otis has turned out to be worth his weight in wrinkle stink. We think we’ll keep him.

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