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Funny Dogs and Cats


Cat Photo courtesy of “kaibara87” on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons Captioning added by

These are some of the funniest pics and videos of dogs and cats that just HAVE to be shared. Hope you enjoy them!

You probably know some pretty funny dogs and cats. Like you, I love them, and am always on the lookout for great videos, photos and stories featuring silly dogs and cats that will make us all laugh! Pets can be wonderful stress relievers and laughter inducers. They always seem to be getting into things and performing outrageous antics. I hope you will enjoy these funny dogs and cats as much as we did when putting this collection together for you.

Funny Dogs and Cats – the Videos

This videographer is a genius with perhaps a little too much time on his hands (lucky for us!) This is the funniest video starring a cat and fish we’ve ever seen. It’s perfect to kick off the “Funny Dogs and Cats” video block. Just below is probably the most well known funny dog video by the same videographer. If you haven’t seen it before, definitely check it out, and if you HAVE seen it, it is funny enough to watch several times!


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 Our English Springer Spaniel is a swimming and diving FOOL and believes that just about every day is a good day for a swim. Check out her ever-wagging propeller (er, we mean tail…) in the video above. As dogs go, we think she’s a hoot!

To add to our funny dogs and cats videos, here is a really cute and funny video of a young kitten who is a bit unsure about a remotely controlled mouse toy…

Pugs are definitely comical. This excellent pug video is perfect for our “Funny Dogs and Cats” video collection. Any dog that tilts her head when you ask her a question is pretty darn cute, and when you multiply that times three, it is even funnnier. One of our favorites!

Funny Dogs and Cats – A Hilarious, True Cat Story

What happens when you take leftover salmon, a cat, and a garbage disposal and put them all together? Add in a police visit, a plumber, a concerned family and a front page article and you have one very funny cat story- especially since Rudy was not hurt in the end. The cat was named Rudy and was a ten year old cat of Patti and Rich Schroeder of the Norristown, Pennsylvania area. The story is pretty crazy, but has been confirmed by as being TRUE and the police officer who called on the Schroeders even wrote a followup news article that you can read. Funny stuff!


Have any stories of dogs or cats that you think will make our readers laugh? Send them our way via our contact form, and we will do our best to get them up quickly!


Funny Cat Sign Photo in Canterbury England courtesy of Ian Wilson on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons. Captioning by


Funny Cat Photo courtesy of ehpien on Flicker, licensed under Creative Commons. Captioning by

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