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Funny Dogs – Silly Pics, Poems, and Videos

Here’s hoping these funny pictures and videos will make you laugh! We’ve pulled together some favorites to share with you.

images-of-funny-dogs-babushka-dogFirst, we have an excellent collection of well-written haiku poems, penned by funny dogs and famous canine poets.

If you have a dog that enjoys writing haiku or other poems, please be sure to tell them about this site.

You can submit their poems for consideration here by using our Contact form.

We collect haiku in the five syllable, seven syllable, five syllable format, so please share this criteria with your dogs. Poems should be both well-written and humorous. If they pass our “strict” judging panel, we will credit your dog with the verse!

Haiku Poems by Dogs

I kiss your smooth nose
But you recoil in horror.
Does lizard breath stink?

by Guinevere Krout

Patiently I wait
For you to leave the table.
Now I will gobble the meat.
By Sofie Krout

I love my master
Thus I perfume myself with
This long-rotten squirrel.

I enjoy my slurps
From the cool porcelain well
O toilet, my friend
By Genevieve Stewart

My human is home!
Now I am so ecstatic!
Oops-I’ve made a puddle.
By Angel Bixby

I am your best friend
Now, then, and especially
When you are eating.
By Tucker Coopersmith

My owners’ mood is
Romantic – I lie near their
Feet. Now I must fart.
Cooper Witman

More Funny Pictures

We’d like to share some of our favorite funny pictures of dogs and funny dog videos here with you. These are pictures of our dogs, and dogs we already know, plus some funny dog videos and pictures of funny looking dogs that we have collected on the internet.

Please note, most of the additional photos we will include some from well-known royalty-free stock photo sites, but a few have been selected from and a few other sources

There is no way for us to tell if the photos at FUNPIC were submitted from personal photo collections, or if some were scanned from copyrighted material. If you see any photography that should not be here, please contact us and let us know, and we will remove it from the site right away.

We hope you will enjoy the funny dogs we will share with you here.

Images of Funny Dogs - a funny magnetic poetry  effort from the refrigerator gallery images-of-funny-dogs-babushka-dog

Images of Funny Dogs -two pugs dressed up as Dorothy and Toto from the Wizard of Oz images of Funny Dogs - little white dog that has lipstick all over fur and the lipstick tube nearby

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