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Dog Games Kids Can Play Online

Dog Games Kids Can Play - 01- Clifford Make a Word Game "Make a Word" Game with Clifford the Big Red Dog

If you are looking for kids spelling games for your emerging reader, show your young kids how to play this game, and have some fun with Clifford! Help Clifford fill in the missing letters to make new words in this simple Clifford Game. Red is the new color of fun for the little kids in your life! This game comes from the Scholastic Books website.

Games Kids Can Play - Designed for Pre-K through 6th Grade:

Dress up Virtual Dog, Zipper, in this online dog game for kids from National Geographic Kids Dress Up Zipper, Your Virtual Dog

Click on the title to reach the game. After you get there, click on the "Create a Pet" button under the empty scene, and then drag Zipper to the scene and dress him up! Add objects to your scene, change his clothing and put him into fun backgrounds, too! You can even type words in to a talk bubble or thought bubble. Make him say something funny! In our opinion, this is one of the best kids online dress up games.

When you like what you see, you can print it out, or send it to someone as an e-card. This is a free, easy online kids game that everyone can have fun with! National Geographic Kids created this fun game for you to play!

Games Kids Can Play - Designed for 1st-6th Grade:

Games kids can play - dog With Graduation Cap from Barking Buddies website Dog Matching Game with Professor Butch

Match wits with Professor Butch, an extremely intelligent Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who will try to get more matching dog pictures than you do! When you find a matching pair, he will let you take another turn.

Tired of the usual kids memory games? This is a lot more fun than your usual matching game. You can't go wrong with dogs!

Clicking on the game title will take you over to the Barking Buddies website, for a chance to play a game against the old Corgi himself. Good Luck!

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Games Kids Can Play - Designed for 3rd-6th Grade:

Online dog games kids can play -Pavlov Dog Game icon Pavlov's Dog

See if you can figure out how to get this dog to drool on demand! You feed him different kinds of food while playing a sound. If you can get the dog to think about wanting to eat, and you get him to drool from just hearing a certain sound, you win the game. Clicking on the "Pavlov's Dog" title above takes you to the game, which is on the Nobel Prize website.

Games Kids Can Play - Designed for 4th-8th Grade:

Cartoon Dog from the National Geographic Kids site "Zipper the Dog" Games

These games are a little harder, but they are really fun to play! Clicking on the word link in the title above will take you to the Zipper games at the National Geographic Kids site, where Zipper the Dog lives.


Games Kids Can Play - Dudes Dilemma, a fun math game.

Dude's Dilemma Game

Dude, the Golden Retriever, has really done it this time... He is stuck up on a rooftop, with no way to get down, but don't worry, because you can help save him with your stellar math skills!

By answering math problems correctly in this anime-inspired flash game, you move a helicopter closer to the stranded dog, and eventually are able to lower a safety ladder to him so that he can be rescued. This is one of the most entertaining online math games for kids.

Though this game can be played by younger kids using the easy level for addition and subtraction problems, it offers up some challenging math puzzles at the hard and extreme levels, so it is better for 4th to 8th graders.

This game is brought to you by To find the game, first click the title link above, and once there, go to the GAMES SECTION. Look for it under MATH GAMES.

Isn't great to be able to help a dog by using your math skills? Who knew?

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Dog Games Kids can Play online- Two kids playing a game on a laptop.
As a parent and former teacher, it is important for me to find games that kids will relate to, enjoy and learn something from in the process! In the opinion of the Dog Paw Print site, these are the top dog games for kids. If you are looking for "edutainment," we know that kids and parents both will love our collection of online educational games. Have fun!  Lori Krout, Webmaster and Site Owner-


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