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Dog Games Kids Can Play Online: Pre-K through 5th Grade

Games Kids Can Play – Designed for Pre-K and Kindergarten:

Switcheroo Game - Martha Speaks

“Switcheroo” Game featuring Martha Speaks

This games shows jumbled up pictures of pets and people from the popular show, Martha Speaks. It is the child’s task to put the pictures back where they belong! This game gets harder as time goes on, but Martha will help along the way!

When you click the link above, you can play this game on the PBS Kids website.

“Make a Word” Game with Clifford the Big Red DogClifford Make a Word Game
If you are looking for kids spelling games for your emerging reader, show your young kids how to play this game, and have some fun with Clifford! Help Clifford fill in the missing letters to make new words in this simple Clifford Game. Clifford the Big Red Dog makes learning fun for the little kids in your life!

This game comes from the Scholastic Books website.

Martha Speaks Game - Dog Tags

“Dog Tags” Game featuring Martha Speaks

This fun game allows kids to upload a photo of their own pet, or choose from a photo provided to decorate! It has an educational factor by having the child choose a vocabulary word to add to their photo. When your child hovers over each word, Martha the dog will explain what it means!

This game comes from PBS Kids.

Games Kids Can Play – Designed for 1st-5th Grade:

Pet Grooming Studio - American Girl

“Pet Grooming Studio” Game from American Girl

Help take care of these dirty dogs! Wash them, dry them, brush them, brush their teeth, clip their nails, and dress them up!

You have two options. First is “Free Mode”, where you can take as much time as you would like to perfect your pooch. At the end of this mode, you have the option of taking a photo to print out of your finished look! The second option is “Time Mode”, where you race against the clock to see how many pets you can groom in four minutes.

If you click the link, you can play this game on American Girl’s Website.

“My New Puppy” GameMy New Puppy - Dog With a Blog

This Disney Game inspired by the television show, Dog with a Blog, is a lot of fun! Pick your own virtual pet and feed it, dress it up, play with it, and even try cool mini games! The more that you do with your pet, the more things you will unlock for him or her! The best part? You can come back to your pet another time and they will still be there. Just make sure to save the code that it gives you when you log out so you can access your pets the next time that you are ready to play.

This game comes from Disney’s website.

Pet Soccer Finished

“Pet Soccer” Game from American Girl

This game combines two things that we love – pets and sports! At the beginning, you will choose which pet you would like to play as, and two teammates. Then, use your arrow keys to move your pet across the field, and hit the ball into the opposite goal! This game can also be played by two people at the same time!

Click on the link above to play this game at American Girl’s website.

Pavlov’s DogPavlov's Dog Game

This game may is a little more difficult, and might be better suited for 3rd through 5th grade.

See if you can figure out how to get this dog to drool on demand! You feed him different kinds of food while playing a sound. If you can get the dog to think about wanting to eat, and you get him to drool from just hearing a certain sound, you win the game.

Clicking on the “Pavlov’s Dog” title above takes you to the game, which is on the Nobel Prize website.

Dude’s Dilemma Game

Games Kids Can Play - Dudes Dilemma, a fun math game.

Dude, the Golden Retriever, has really done it this time… He is stuck up on a rooftop, with no way to get down, but don’t worry, because you can help save him with your stellar math skills!

By answering math problems correctly in this flash game, you move a helicopter closer to the stranded dog, and eventually are able to lower a safety ladder to him so that he can be rescued. This is one of the most entertaining online math games for kids.

Though this game can be played by younger kids using the easy level for addition and subtraction problems, it offers up some challenging math puzzles at the hard and extreme levels, so it is better for 3rd to 5th graders.

This game is brought to you by Scholastic Books website. To play the game, click on the link above, and then click, “Play Now”.

As a parent and former teacher, it is important for me to find games that kids will relate to, enjoy and learn something from in the process! In the opinion of the Dog Paw Print site, these are the top dog games for kids. If you are looking for “edutainment,” we know that kids and parents both will love our collection of online educational games. Have fun!

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