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German Dog Names

German Dog Names button with RottweilerLook no further for a great list of German dog names! If you are trying to find the perfect name for your Doberman Pinscher, Schnauzer or another one of the many dog breeds that originate in Germany, we hope that our list of German names will help you out.

Our list is made up of real German names that parents have been naming their children for centuries, but at the bottom of the page, see a short collection of a few German words we have included that also might make a fun name for your dog.

German Dog Names for Male Dogs

Berg (BAIRK) mountain

Bruno (BROO-NO) Name of German monk who founded the Carthusian order

Claus/Klaus (KLAUS) Short form of the name Nicholas

Dieter (DEE-TER) Short form of the name Dieterich

Franz (FRAHNTZ) Short for Franziskus, means “Frenchman”

Friederich (FREED-RISH) Means ruler of peace, or peaceful king. Fritz is a shortened form of Friederich

Georg (GAY-ORK) German variant of George, which means farmer, or worker of the earth

Heinrich (HINE-RISH) Means ruler of the area, home ruler

Gunther (GOON-TER) Army of war

Johannes or Johann (YO-HAHN-NESS or YO-HAHN) John, means “God is gracious”

Kurt (KOORT) Pet form of the name Konrad

Leopold (LEE-O-POLT) means “strong people”

Manfred (MAHN-FRED) powerful peace

Oskar (OS-KAHR) spear of the gods

Otto (O-DO) Means “rich”

Rolf (ROLF) A shortened form of Rudolf, which means “famous wolf”

Theo (THEE-O) A short form of Theobald which means “brave people”

Waldo (VAHL-DO) to rule

Werner (VER-NER) means protecting army

German Dog Names for Female Dogs

German Dog Names- German crest or coat-of-armsAlfreda (AHL-FRAY-DAH) Elf counselor. Freda or Frida are also common nicknames for Alfreda.

Astrid (AH-STRID) means a “beautiful god”

Clotilda (KLO-TIL-DEH) means “famous in battle”

Dagmar (DAHG-MAHR) splendid day

Debra (DEH-BRAH) German variation of Deborah

Ermentraud (ER-MEHN-TRAUT) Maiden of strength

Friedelinde (FREE-DEH-LIN-DEH) Gentle peace

Gertrude or Gerta (GARE-TROOD) From the Old High German, which means spear strength or spear maiden

German Dog Names- German Shepherd Dog, sitting in a German alpine settingHedwig (HED-VIG) meaning contention and strife. From the Old High German

Heidi (HI-DEE) A nickname for Adalheid, which means “noble one”

Helga (HEL-GAH) Prosperous

Isolde (EE-SOL-DEH) Means “ruler of the ice”

Johanna (YO-HAH-NAH) Feminine form of Johannes (John), which means “God is gracious”

Lisbeth (LEES-BET) A shortened version of Elisabeth. Elisabeth means “God is my oath”

Magda (MAHG-DAH) Short form of Magadalena

Rosamond (ROSE-AH-MUND) An Old High German name

Sigrid (SEE-GREED) Beautiful victory, borrowed from the Norse

Winifred (VIN-EE-FRED) Blessed peace. Winnie or Winny are common nicknames

Fun German Dog Names

If you are looking for a fun or unusual name that comes from the German language, here are a few ideas for you:

Bratwurst (BRAHT-VURST) a grilled sausage

Edelweiss (AY-DUHL-VISE) an alpine flower

Katzenjammer a hangover

Reisling (REE-SLING) Popular dry, white wine from Germany

Schnapps (SHNAHPS) a type of liquor

Strudel (STRU-DEL) A layered fruit and pastry dessert

Umlaut (OOM-LAHWT) A diacritical mark placed above a vowl to change its sound

Wunderkind (VOON-DER-KIND) An amazing child, a prodigy

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