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Popular Girl Dog Names

Need a Name for your Girl Puppy?

Top Girl Dog Names List buttonIf you are shopping for names for your sweet girl, you’ll get some great ideas from this popular list of the top female dog names below.

Every year, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company compiles name lists from the nation’s favorites, according to insurance policy applications that they write for pet owners. This is a wonderful tool because it provides an unbiased cross-country look at the top name choices for policy holders throughout the United States. Veterinary Pet Insurance (or VPI) is the largest US Pet insurance Company, so their records and lists hold some real weight, due to the sheer volume of names that it compiles. So, without delay, here are the Top 100 most popular from the group- as current as you can get!

Top 100 girl dog names list

I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with VPI to get these name lists before they stopped sharing them on their own site. They supplied me with lots of different name lists from their records, and I was able to compile a top 100 girls names list from the records they supplied. Even though they have stopped updating these lists annually, I think this information is useful and may give you some ideas on a great name for your dog! Don’t forget to be creative with your own naming ideas. Here are some idea-starters if you’re looking for more unique girl dog names. For additional names, think about checking lists of:

  • female movie stars and celebrities
  • girl baby names
  • heroines in books and stories
  • famous female cartoon characters

Some Final Thoughts:

If you look through this most recent list of popular girl dog names and compare it to some lists of the past, you will notice that most people have gotten away from the “cutesy” names like “Sweetie,” “Precious,” and “Princess.” In fact in the top fifty names on the girl name list, there are only three names that are not usually given to people themselves- #18 Angel, #20 Princess and #23 Lady. All of the rest are either popular children’s names (like Mia, Casey and Bella) ones that are more old-fashioned that have come back in favor again (like Lucy, Millie, Gracie, and Emma). Whatever you decide to name your furry girly-girl, there are some great choices on the list above, but it you are looking for something a little more out-of the ordinary, be sure to check our list of unique female name ideas on our Harry Potter Dog Names page as well!

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