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Homemade Dog Gifts

These homemade dog gifts will be sure to bring a smile to the face of any dog lover you know, and you’ll be a hit with any dog you give these gifts to, no matter what the occasion.

Stuffed Toys Make Popular Homemade Gifts

Most dogs love soft, stuffed toys. Whether they are squeaking away on them, cuddling up to them or giving them a good shake, there’s no doubt about it—stuffed toys make great homemade dog gifts!

Below we have listed some basic instructions you can use if you have a little imagination and some sewing experience.

Homemade dog gifts made from recycled sweaters, courtesy of craftstylish.comCan you believe that these lovely stuffed toys are made from recycled sweaters!? The full instructions for these homemade toys can be found on

If you have a bit of sewing skill, here are some simple instructions for stuffed dog toys:

  1. Start with a simple, recognizable shape and draw or trace it onto some thin paper.
  2. Next, add an additional 1/2″ border all around for the seam allowance.
  3. Fold some fabric in half with the right side of the fabric on the inside and pin the paper patternt to these layers of fabric.
  4. Cut around the paper pattern and remove the pins. You should have two cutouts.
  5. Keeping the right sides in, sew all the way around the shape except for the last 2 inches.
  6. Trim seams and turn the shape inside out.
  7. Stuff, enclosing at least one squeaker (can be purchased in some craft stores or online)
  8. Hand sew the opening closed, turning the seams inside as you sew.
  9. Add more hand stitching to decorate, if desired.

A Dog Toy Wreath Makes a Great Homemade Gift

A whimsical dog toy wreath from Family Fun magazineThe colorful, fun wreath idea you see just to the left was originally featured on Disney’s Family Fun Magazine site and is a great homemade dog gift option. Although the post is no longer on the site, I have kept the idea here because it is easy to recreate and is sure to please any dog-loving family.

You will start with a wreath form, either cardboard or styrofoam, and paint it a bright color (this one is red, which contrasts nicely with the greenery for a colorful Christmas gift). Then use a thin floral wire to secure evergreens or leaves, treats, toys and ribbon and you’ll have a really great looking and inexpensive gift that looks like it costs a lot!

Pick up some discount toys in bright colors, and only you will know how inexpensive and easy this homemade gift is to create. We think this is one of the cutest homemade dog gifts we’ve seen and give it a big thumbs up!

Homemade dog gifts like this cute, pink, hand-sewn collar are popluar for dog lovers

If you haven’t seen our instructions about how to make a dog collar like the pink and green collar shown here, be sure to check them out. This one was designed for a girl, but you can make yours to have a rough-and-tough look for a boy or really just about any kind of idea for dogs that you can dream up. With your imagination, the combinations of ribbons and embellishments are endless, making for cute gifts.

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