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Irish Dog Names – Names from Ireland and Irish lore!

Irish Dog Names buttonWant some traditional Irish dog names for your new friend? If you’re looking for a name for your Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Irish Setter or Kerry Blue Terrier, we have some authentic names chosen that we think you will love!

Listed separately, are both male and female lists of Irish names that work for both pets or children, since they are real, Celtic names. If the name has a difficult pronunciation, we have included a phonetic pronunciation in parentheses for you, but if it is a common name, we figure you won’t need our help, so have left it off in those cases.

Irish Dog Names for Male Dogs

Aidan Means little fiery one

Brady Means “one with broad eyes”

Brendan Prince

Carbry Charioteer

Conall or Connell Mighty. This name was used by many Irish saints.

Cowan Dweller at a hollow

Cullen Means holly

Donnelly Originally used as a surname, but now also used as a given name as well

Evan Little swift one

Fergus Superior.

Finn Means clear, white, fair

Finnian Little fair one

Galen calm

Grady Taken from a common Irish surname, now used as a given name

Irish Dog Names- Irrish Setter with a cloverHurley Also a given name taken from a traditional Irish surname

Ian Gaelic form of John

Keiran Little black-haired one

Liam Short for the Irish form of William

Maguire A common surname that is now used for a first name

Nolan Little proud one

Paddy Pet form of Patrick

Quinn Originally “Cuinn.” Means reason or wisdom

Rory Red or rust-colored

Seamus (SHAY-MUS)Gaelic form of James

Sean (SHAWN) Irish form of John, meaning “God is gracious”

Tiernan Little lord


Irish Dog Names for Female Dogs

Aideen Not sure of the meaning of this name, but it is pretty!

Dorren Sullen

Dymphna a poet

Eileen Variant of Evelyn

Enya A variation of Ena, which means kernel

Eveleen “Little Eve” Eve means life.

Irish Names for Girl DogsFinola White shoulders

Gillian (JILL-EE-UN)Feminine form of Julian

Inis Gaelic form of the county seat of County Clare, Ennis.

Keelin slender, fair

Kerry Taken from the place name of the same

Maire the popular Irish form of Mary

Maureen a Gaelic form of Mary

Nainsi Gaelic form of Nancy, which means gracious

Noreen Diminutive of Nora,

Peggy pet form of Margaret, a pearl

Riona Queenly

Siobhan (ZHUH-VAHN) Galic version of Joan

Tara From the Irish place name

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