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Italian Dog Names

Italian Dog NamesFor great Italian Dog Names, check out our list! These names are of Italian origin and are traditional names for naming boys and girls in Italy. We’ve also included a list of Italian words that could make really cute dog names as well. You can find those at the bottom of the page.

Italian dog breeds like the Spinone Italiano, Neapolitan Mastiff, Italian Greyhound, Maltese and others all sound great with an Italian name.

Or maybe you just have a love affair with Italy and want to name your dog something that will remind you of that wonderful country. If so, you have come to the right spot!

Italian Dog Names for Male Dogs

Alano (AH-LAH-NO) Spanish variant of the name Alan

Alejandro (AHL-LAH-HAHN-DRO) Spanish version of Alexander, which means “one who defends mankind”

Benedicto (BAY-NAY-DEEK-TO) Name which means “blessed” in Latin (benedictus). Was also given to the the monk who began the Benedictine order.

Blasio (BLAH-SEE-O) Spanish form of the name Blaise. A martyr from the 4th century had this name.

Camilo (CAH-MEE-LO) Male version of Camilla (pure)

Carlos (CAR-LOHS) Spanish version of Charles

César (SAY-SAHR) Caesar

Crisóforo (KREE-SO-FOR-RO) Christopher, to bear Christ

Cristián (KREES-TEE-AHN) Christian, follower of Christ

Diego (DEE-A-GO) A pet form of the Spanish name Jaime, which means James.

Emilio (A-MEE-LEE-O) Thought to come from the term “amal: which means “to work.”

Faustino (FOUSE-TEE-NO) Bringer of good luck

Fortunato (FOR-TOO-NAH-TO )fortunate, prosperous

García (GAHR-SEE-AH) Possibly means fox. First used as a surname, but is now also commonly used for given names as well.

Guillermo (GHEE-YARE-MO) Spanish form of William, which means “protector”

Héctor (AYK-TOR) A shortened form of Rudolf, which means “famous wolf”

Jorge (HOR-HAY) Spanish form of George, which means “worker of earth, farmer”

José (HO-SAY) variant of Joseph, husband to Mary

Julio (HOO-LEE-O) Spanish form of Julius, meaning “youth”

Lorenzo (LOW-REN-ZO) Lawrence

Máximo (MAHKS-EE-MO) means “greatest”

Pasqual (PAHS-KWALL) Originally, this name comes from the Hebrew word for Passover, and was later adopted by the Latin. which means “of Easter.” Paco is a pet name for Pasqual.

Paulo (POW-LO) Spanish Variation for Paul

Pedro (PAY-DRO) Peter

Raúl (RAH-OOL) Ralph

Roberto (RO-BARE-TO) Robert, which means “bright with fame”

Sergio (SARE-HEE-O) from the Latin Sergius

Tito (TEE-TO) most likely means “to honor”

Venturo (BANE-TOO-RO) means “good fortune”


italian-dog-names-01Italian Dog Names for Female Dogs

Alma (AHL-MAH) “soul”

Amora (AH-MOR-RAH) from the Spanish word for love, “amor”

Anabel (AH-NAH-BELL) compound name, bringing Ana (full of grace) and Belia (beautiful) together

Belia (BAY-LEE-AH) means “beautiful”

Camelia (CAH-MAY-LEE-Ah) virgin, unblemished, pure

Carina (KAH-REE-NAH) affection

Consuelo (CONE-SWAY-LO) consolation

Corazon (KOR-AH-ZONE) Heart

Dahlia (DAH-LEE-AH) A popular flower that grows in Mexico

Elena (AY-LAY-NAH) Helen

Esmerelda (AYCE-MAY-RALL-DAH) Emerald

Esperanza (AYCE-PAY-RAHN-ZAH) Hope, expectation

Francisca (FRAHN-SEES-KAH) Feminine form of Francisco

Guadalupe (GWAH-DAH-LOO-PAY) means “valley of the wolf”

Isabela (EE-SAH-BELL-AH) Spanish variation for Elizabeth, which means “God is my oath”

Jazmín (HAHZ-MEEN) Jasmine

Laura (LAH-OO-RAH) derived from the Italian word for laurel (laurus)

Linda (LEEN-DAH) Pretty

Macaria (MAH-CAH-REE-AH) Blessed

Magdalena (MAHG-DAH-LAY-NAH) Comes from Mary Magdalene. Magdala is a place near Galilee

Marcia (MAR-SEE-AH) Feminine form of Marcus or Marcius. Chicha is a pet form that might also be cute for a dog.

Maria (MAH-REE-AH) Spanish form of Mary. The most popular Spanish feminine name.

Maribel (MAH-REE-BELL) A compound name that means “beautiful Maria”

Milagros (MEE-LAH-GROSS) means “miracle”

Nina (NEE-NAH) A pet name for many longer names, including Cristina

Paloma (PAH-LO-MAH) dove

Rita (REE-TAH) Pet form of Margarita, which means “pearl”

Rosa (RO-SAH) Spanish for “rose”

Rosabel (RO-SAH-BELL) a compound name, which together means “beautiful rose”

Soledad (SO-LAY-DAHD) means solitude

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