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Japanese Dog Names

Japanese Dog Names Button with Shiba InuJapanese dog names are great for naming Shiba Inu, Akita, and Chins and other Japanese breeds. Of course, you can use this list for naming non-Japanese dog breeds too, especially if you have a special place in your heart for Japanese culture!

In addition to our lists of names that we have chosen especially for dogs from male and female traditional name list from Japan, we have also added a list of Japanese words that are commonly used in English-speaking cultures that could also be fun names for your new dog.

Japanese Dog Names for Male Dogs

Akio (AH-KEE-O) bright or intelligent

Akira (AH-KEE-RAH) Also means bright, smart, intelligent

Chokichi (CHO-KEE-CHEE) Luck that will last a very long time

Harue (HAH-ROO-EH) From the springtime, born in the spring Hideo (HEE-DEH-O) Excellent boy/male

Hiroshi (HEE-RO-SHEE) Generous

Huyu (HOO-YOO) Of the winter

Kane (KA-NEH) Golden in color

Kenji (KEN-JEE) The second-born son

Koji (KO-JEE) Small or little, as in a child

Masato (MAH-SAH-TO) Justice, righteousness

Naoko (NAH-O-KO) Honest, truthful

Taro (TAH-RO) First-born son

Tomi (TO-MEE) Plentiful and prosperous, full of riches

Yasuo (YAH-SOO-O) Calm and gentle

Yukio (YOO-KEE-O) Boy of the snow

Japanese dog names- Japanese Chin dog breed

Japanese Dog Names for Female Dogs

Aiko (AH-EE-KO) Child of love

Aki (AH-KEE) Of the autumn, born in the autumn

Anzu (AHN-ZOO) Apricot

Asako (AH-SAH-KO) Morning child

Bachiko (BAH-CHEE-KO) Smiling, happy child

Etsu (ET-SOO) Joy

Etsuko (ET-SOO-KO) Joyous Child, Child of Delight

Fuyu (FOO-YOO) Born in the winter

Hama (HAH-MAH) Of the beach or shore

Hamako (HAH-MAH-KO) Child of the beach

Hanako (HAH-NAH-KO) Child of flowers

Haruko (HAH-ROO-KO) Child of the springtime

Hatsu (HAHT-SOO) First-born

Hoshi (HO-SHEE) Star

Hoshiko (HO-SHEE-KO) Star Child

Katsu (KAT-SOO) Victorious

Kichi (KEE-CHEE) Of great fortune, Lucky

Kohana (KO-HAH-NAH) Little Flower

Mari (MAH-REE) ball

Mariko (MAH-REE-KO) Ball child

Midori (MEE-DOR-EE) Green

Mitsu (MEET-SOO) Full of Light

Miyo (MEE-YO) Child of Beauty

Nagisa (NAH-GEE-SAH) Seashore

Nariko (NAH-REE-KO) Serene and gentle child

Sachiko (SAH-CHEE-KO) Child of happiness

Suzu (SOO-ZOO) Bell-like

Takara (TAH-KAH-RAH) Treasure

Tori (TO-REE) Bird

Yoshe (YO-SHEH) Lovely

Yukiko (YOO-KEE-KO) Snow Child


Some Fun Japanese Dog Name Ideas

Here are a few names we came up based on Japanese popular culture and words that have integrated into English from Japanese roots. We hope you like them! Look through this list of Japanese words and you’ll discover some fun names! Bonsai (BONE-ZI) The art of tending miniature trees

Edamame (ED-UH-MAH-MAY) Soybeans, served in the shell

Geisha (GAY-SHUH) Traditional female entertainers/artists of a very high social status, well versed in classical dance and music

Haiku (HI-KOO) A three-lined poem that has a specific number of syllables in each line. A common pattern in a haiku is 5-7-5 syllables.

Koto (KO-TO) A traditional stringed musical instrument

Manga (MANE-GUH) Japanese comics

Mikado (MIH-KAH-DO) An old-fashioned term for the Emperor of Japan

Obi (O-BEE) A wide belt that is used to secure the kimono. It fastens in the back

Origami (OR-IH-GAH-MEE) The art of paper-folding

Samurai (SAM-UH-RI) A feudal warrior from ancient times

Sensei (SEN-SAY) A term used for someone in a revered position of authority, such as teacher or master

Shogun (SHO-GUN) Historical title for a military dictator in Japanese ancient history. Means literally “commander of a force”

Sushi (SOO-SHEE) Vinegared rice, in combination with raw fish or shelfish, cooked shellfish and/or vegetables

Torii (TO-REE) A traditional gate found outside a Shinto shrine

Be sure to visit our main Names for Dogs page for thousands of other great themed dog names on our site. We hope you found a great Japanese name for your dog, but if you still need more ideas, check out our other lists of interesting and popular names!

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