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Kids Spot is the place to visit for some really fun things to do- all having to do with dogs!

There are a lot of great games kids can play, funny pictures and videos, dog stories, coloring pages and activity sheets with puzzles and riddles featuring dogs, plus lots more that we know you will like. If you're a kid who loves dogs, this is the spot for you!

Here at Kids Spot, we want to know what you think would be fun to have here on our site, so if you have some good ideas, get permission from a parent and write to us using our Contact Form, if they say it's OK. Maybe you'll see one of your ideas right here on this Kids Spot page!

Kid's Spot -Games Link

If you like games, you'll love all of the fun dog games we have here. Our "Games Kids Can Play" page has games starring all sorts of different kinds of dogs- from a Cardigan Welsh Corgi known as "Professor Butch" to a Golden Retriever named "Dude." This is the spot for game lovers of all ages.

At Kids Spot, we have easy games and hard games, for Preschool kids all the way up through Middle School. Check them all out by clicking on the Games Link above. Be sure to check out all of our games on the "Games Kids Can Play" page here.

How About Some Fun Dog Activity Pages?

Kids Spot 03- Activity Pages Links

If you are looking for some fun dog-themed word puzzles, hidden picture pages, kids printable crossword puzzles, riddles for kids and other dog-related games that you can print out and play, check out the ones in the link just above. These are fun to print out, and take along on trips, too!

The link takes you to the American Kennel Club website, where you can download the kids printable activities, and then print them out from your own computer. Give them a try for a great way to have fun while learning more about dogs!

Fun and Funny Pics- Click the Button Links Below:

Funny Dog Pics- Giant ChihuahuaCute Puppy Pics- Adorable boxer puppyFunny Pet Pics- Standing Pug

Do You Like to Color and Draw?

Kids Spot Coloring Page of a PawWe think you'll love our special dog coloring pages for kids here at our Kids Spot. These are brand new pages that you've never seen anywhere else before because they were made by us! These are drawings of real dogs and puppies doing different activities, and we hope you have as much fun coloring and drawing on these coloring sheets as we had making them! We really hope you like them!


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