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Our names for dogs section has great naming tips and links to thousands of dog name ideas. Click here to jump down to our full selection of themed name lists for dogs and find a great name for your new, special friend!

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Dog Naming Tips and Ideas

We think that naming is one of the most fun aspects of getting any new pet, and we hope you enjoy the name lists we've put together for you!

Choosing a name will be one of the very first things that you will do when you bring your new friend home. To get you started, here are a few tips that can help make the naming process a success:

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Harry Potter Dog Names button- scruffy terrier dressed up like a wizard with glassesBlack dog names button- black Scotty dogNore of the top dog names button- boy and girl dog shown

French dog names button with poodle and Eiffel towerChinese dog names button with black pug in front of the Forbidden CityAustralian dog names button with a kangaroo crossing sign

German dog names button- German Shepherd dog in an Alpine sceneIrish dog names button- Irish Setter with a 4-leaf cloverNative American Dog Names button- navigation button to our dog name list, featuring an image of a wolf mix in front of some teepees

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More Name Ideas

We have lots of name suggestions in our lists that will get your wheels turning. Get started by looking through some of these, and then think about other categories to look into that reflect your personal style or interests. It is fun to work with a theme when naming your dogs!

Does your pup have a black coat? Take a look at our Black Dog Names page for some other great ideas. Do you love the land "down under" or have an Australian Shepherd or a Dingo mix? You'll be sure to want to check out our Australian Dog Names for some fun Aussie-themed names for dogs.

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Where Have You Found Your Favorite Names For Dogs? We'd love to Hear Your Ideas!

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