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Names for Dogs

Dog Naming Tips and Ideas

Pet Tags - Dog NamesWe think that naming is one of the most fun aspects of getting any new pet, and we hope you enjoy the many themed name lists we’ve put together for you!

Choosing a name will be one of the very first things that you will do when you bring your new friend home. To get you started, here are a few tips that can help make the naming process a success:

  • Select a short name. It is easier on your dogs (and ultimately you) if the name that you select is only one or two syllables. Think hard about it when considering a three or four syllable name. The more complicated the name sounds, the harder it will be for them to recognize (and the harder for you to use when calling to them!) The number one canine name for many years now has been Max – easy to say and remember.
  • Youthful man with this dogDraw naming inspirations from what you love. Do you love books, movies, art, surfing, music, the circus? Whatever it is, think about naming your new friend after your favorite book or movie character, or perhaps something involved with your favorite sport or hobby. We have a good friend who has named her two Golden Retrievers Gable and Bogart after her two favorite leading men of cinema history. Fun!
  • Dogs learn their name quickly. Don’t worry about changing her name if she had a name from a previous owner or while she was in foster care. If you have adopted and want to select your own name for your new furry family member, don’t be concerned about making the switch! In less than a week, they will have their new name down pat.
  • Seems that naming dogs after people is still all the rage. Check out our list of top names, and you’ll see how often folks are naming their dogs after people!

We have lots of name suggestions in our lists that will get your wheels turning. Get started by looking through some of these, and then think about other categories to look into that reflect your personal style or interests. It is fun to work with a theme when naming your dogs!

Does your pup have a black coat? Take a look at our Black Dog Names page for some other great ideas. Do you love the land “down under” or have an Australian Shepherd or a Dingo mix? You’ll be sure to want to check out our Australian Dog Names for some fun Aussie-themed names for dogs.

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