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Native American Dog Names

Native American Dog NamesIf you are looking for a list of Native American dog names that wiill fit the bill when naming your new friend, look no further!

We’ve scoured lists of authentic Native American names to find ones that had style, had meanings that worked well for dogs and that were also easy to pronounce. Our research shows that you should go with no more than four syllables when naming your dog so he will easily be able to recognize it, so we chose options that would be easy to say and understand. We have included pronunciation guides for many of the selections.

Native American Dog Names for Male Dogs

Adoeete (AD-O-EET) Perfect for a large or tall dog; means “Big Tree”

Alikkees (AL-IK-KEES) From the Nez Percé, “Hair Cut Short.” This might be good for dogs with short coats.

Chaska (CHAS-KAH) From the Sioux, meaning first Born Son”

Dakota (DAH-KO-TAH) A name that signifies Friend” or “Ally”

Diwali (DIH-WAH-LEE) From the Cherokee, meaning “The Bowl”

Guipagho (GOO-EE-PAG-HO) Of the Kiowa, which means “Lone Wolf”

Hache-Hi (HACH-EH-HI) From the Arapaho. “Wolf”

Hiawatha (HI-AH-WAH-THA) “He Makes Rivers”

Hosa (HO-SAH) From the Arapaho, meaning “Young Crow”

Irateba (IR-AH-TEH-BAH) “Beautiful Bird.” Mohave in origin.

Kangi (KAN-GEE) Of the Sioux; means crow or raven.

Kawa (KAH-WAH) Means “Great.” Apache in origin.

Lallo (LAL-LO) From the Kiowa; means “Little Boy”

Mahaska (MAH-HAS-KAH) means “White Cloud.” A great naming idea of a white, fluffy dog like a Bichon Frisé.

Mato (MAH-TO) means “Bear.” Good for a large dog, or a dog that has a bear-like appearance, such as a Chow Chow.

Nashoba (NAH-SHO-BAH) Choctaw in origin. Means “Wolf”

Pocano (POH-CAN-O) From the Pueblo tribes. Means “Coming of the Spirits”

Samoset (SAM-O-SET) An Algonquin name, usually bestowed to one who has taken long journeys. Means literally “He Who Walks Over Much”

Tadi (TAD-EE) Wind

Tahoma (TA-HO-MAH) A Navajo word that means “Water’s Edge.” Pacific Northwest tribes also used this term to mean”Snowy Peak,” so take your pick of the meaning that you like best!

Walkara (WAHL-KAH-RAH)This comes from the name of a chief whose last name was Walker

Native American Dog Names for Female Dogs

Native American Dog Names- Audubon drawing of an early dog of Native American peoples

Abequa (AH-BEK-KWA) Of the Chippewa, meaning “She Stays Home”

Ama (AH-MAH) A Cherokee name for water

Ayasha (AH-YAH-SHA) From the Cherokee, meaning “Little One.” The perfect name for small dogs!

Isi (IS-EE) A Choctaw word for a deer.

Mahwah (Pronounced as it looks) An Algonquin name for “Beautiful”

Mansi (MAN-SEE) Hopi word which means “plucked flower”

Neche (NEH-CHE) Ojibway for “Friend”

Oheo (O-HEE-O) Iriquois word for “Beautiful”

Sawni (SAW-NEE) Seminole word for “Echo”

Talise (TAH-LEES) Creek word for “Beautiful Water”

Tiva (TEE-VAH) Hopi word meaning “Dance”

Una (OO-NAH) Hopi word for “Remember”

Weeko (WEE-KO) Sioux word for “Pretty Girl”

Native American dog names- sepia tone landscape with teepees

We hope our Native American name ideas helped you out and got your wheels turning. If you still need more ideas, we have lots of great dog name pages, so check out our other international names and lists of popular boy dog names as well as our top girl dog names.

Be sure to visit our main Names for Dogs page for thousands of great ideas- popular names here in the US and favorites from all over the globe!

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