Dog Paw Print Backgrounds

free paw print backgrounds to use in projects. Copyright Lori Krout 2010
We hope you will enjoy using these free paw print backgrounds in your projects. We only ask ONE THING.... Please link back to us per the instructions below if you use these for any websites, personal pages (such as MySpace etc. or newsletters. If you wish to use these for a business, you must contact us via our contact form to request permission. Otherwise, just use and link back to us.


Ever since the Dog Paw Print website started, visitors have seen our unique graphics and asked where they can find paw print backgrounds and some of our other original dog paw clip art.

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paw print backgrounds - gray dog paw printsIf you are looking for a colorful background to jazz up your web pages, MySpace page, or a page at another favorite social networking site, why not show your love for dogs by using one of our free, beautiful pawprint backgrounds. These have been created by the Dog Paw Print website, so you will not find them all over the internet (or if you do, they got them from us!)

We're sure you will find something here that will fit almost any color scheme you have in mind. If you are looking for blue paw prints, we've got 'em! (and orange, purple, hot pink, lime, rose, green -you name it!)

Some of the paw print background designs are created especially for tiled designs and are able to repeat well to make up an entire background. Look for the square images below that are 265 pixels in height and width.

IMPORTANT- If you use our free dog paw print backgrounds on your website or blog, please follow the instructions and link back to us.

paw print backgrounds - light salmon colored dog paw printsYou are free to use any of the backgrounds found on this page as you wish. Our paw print backgrounds are absolutely free, but for the usage of them, all that we ask is that you provide a link back to our site by copying and pasting the code (found in the aqua tinted box below) and inserting it on the page where you have used our original graphics. This credits us and links back to the guidelines to let others know how to utilize and link back to us should they use them. It is important to us that this protection is retained.

How to Link Back to Dog Paw Print:

Please copy the code in the blue box below and paste it into your page. This creates a link back to us. It must appear somewhere on the page where the artwork is used.

<a href="">Dog paw print backgrounds created by</a>

paw print backgrounds - yelow dog paw prints for tiled background

paw print backgrounds - lime dog paw prints for tiled background

Paw Print Backgrounds -light blue dog paw prints

How to Save the Paw Print Backgrounds to your Computer

paw print backgrounds - hot pink paw printsTo save one of these free clip art selections, just right click on the picture and choose the "save as" command from the drop down menu. Choose and name and save the file to your hard drive, and then open it up on your computer and use it!

Mac users can simply click and drag the images to your desktop, but please remember to link back to us! We appreciate you getting the word out about us!

If you would like to request use for a published source or for a business purpose like a sign or flyer, please contact us. We are usually happy to oblige, and generally just ask that you credit us in the publication whenever possible. We can give you the specifics if you fill out our contact form. We will want to know your business name and how you intend to use the artwork. You may not use it on items you will be selling.

free paw print backgrounds to use in projects. Please link back to when you use on your website. Copyright Lori Krout 2010

paw print backgrounds - gold dog paw prints

paw print backgrounds - green dog paw prints

paw print backgrounds - light pink  dog paw prints

paw print backgrounds -  purple paw prints

paw print backgrounds - orange paw prints

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Larger Paw Print Backgrounds:

Blue Paw Prints

Paw Print Backgrounds 01 -Blue Paw Prints


Paw Print Backgrounds 02 -Gold Paw Prints

Hot Pink

Paw Print Backgrounds 03 -Hot Pink Paw Prints


Paw Print Backgrounds 04 -Lime Paw Prints


Paw Print Backgrounds 05 -Orange Paw Prints


Paw Print Backgrounds 06 -Purple Paw Prints

Sophisticated Rose

Paw Print Backgrounds 07 -Sophisticated Rose Paw Prints


Paw Print Backgrounds 08 -Green Paw Prints

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