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Pick a Dog Breed

Pick a Dog Breed

Dachshund in a field of daisiesYou’re wanting to pick a dog breed that is right for your family, right? First, be sure to utilize our great dog breed selector tool and quiz, which will help you pick the best type of breed for you.

This page contains a list of issues to think about before you pick a breed; like thinking ahead about future family plans and moves, travel considerations and making sure that pets are allowed where you live before you bring one home and have to face disappointing consequences.

Answers for Quiz Point #7 -Additional Considerations

Whether you are looking to pick a breed or generally prepare to bring dogs into your life, you should think about:

Does your family like to travel? Would you like to take your animals with you or board them while you are away?

If you generally like to just pick up and leave, you will need to think about what you will do with your puppy when you travel. If you think the idea of taking your dogs with you sounds like a fun plan, it is very possible to pick terrific accommodations that accept dogs. On the other hand, if you travel for work, or would rather not be tied down on vacation, you will need to find a comfortable boarding facility, and plan for the additional costs of boarding when you plan to be away.

Have you checked with your landlord or association about their rules regarding dogs?

This is sooooo important! You don’t want to be put in a position where “it’s you or the dog.”

Is anyone in your family allergic?

I am quite allergic to cats, and slightly allergic to dogs, but I developed a tolerance for my dogs after a week or two. Some hypoallergenic breeds exist, so do your research and pick a breed that has low-allergy qualities. This is an especially important topic to research beforehand if someone in your family suffers from athsma.

What is the age of the youngest child that will be around your dog on a regular basis?

If you are thinking about bringing dogs into your lives, wait until the child in your life is over the poking and pulling stage. The popular consensus is to wait until your child is age five, but you know your child. It may be earlier or later, but carefully think about this, for the protection of your puppy and the child. Some breeds will do better if raised with a child from puppy hood, but that doesn’t mean the child should be a baby or toddler.

Have you thought about how future lifestyle changes might affect your ability to care for your new dog? (babies, job schedule changes, impending move, etc.)

Although humans can learn to adapt to change fairly easily, dogs are literally “creatures of habit” and big lifestyle changes can create anxiety and behavior problems. You can’t possibly plan for everything, but don’t pick out a new pet prior to a big change that you know about.

This has been a lot of information to digest, but by taking this selection quiz, you are now much better informed to begin researching the right breeds for you.

The right breed is out there! Learn first, and choose carefully, and you will have a devoted friend for life.

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