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Puppy Information

Great puppy information is essential, whether you are thinking about getting a new puppy or are bringing one home to join your family. Puppies have special needs and create unique situations that can turn into problems if you don’t know how to handle them. We help you cover the basics here in our puppy information section.

puppy information page - picture 3- black labrador retriever puppy with red bone toy

Some Concerns When Bringing Home a New Puppy:

puppy information page - picture 5- white puppy sleepingFinally, what should you expect in the first few hours, days and weeks of bringing your new dog home? How should you introduce your dog properly to your other animals and to your children? And what can you do to make thier early days with you less stressful and create schedules that you can both depend on. Your bonding process will be helped by knowing what you might expect, so be sure to read our information about bringing your dog home.

puppy information page picture- girl playing with puppyBuying a puppy from a pet store is usually not recommended, simply because you can’t be sure of its breeding and background. Breeders stake their reputations on offering healthy pups from lines that have no apparent health defaults, so a reputable breeder is a better way to go. Alternatively, by rescuing a puppy from a shelter or by utilizing a rescue group’s services, you can help reduce the overpopulation of dogs and sometimes even save a puppy from being euthanized.”

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