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Our Quiz for Choosing a Dog
Results For Question #4 (Environment)

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Below, you’ll find the results for the 4th question on our questionaire:

What is your living environment like?

Your answers to this question speak to whether you live in the country, city, have play and walking areas nearby and what size space you live in. If you answered:

I have a mid-sized to large house and a fenced yard

For most, this is the ideal situation. You will have easy access for exercising your dog, and any size breed with any indoor activity level requirements will work for you.

I have a mid-sized to large house, and access to daily outdoor space

This is also a very good situation. You will need to make a bit more of an effort to get your dog to a place where they can be exercised, but it is not difficult if it is close by.

I have a small house or apartment with access to daily outdoor exercise space

This is a great situation also, but think carefully about choosing a breed that does not have a high indoor activity level, or it might drive you a little crazy in a small space. If your space is extremely small, you will probably not want to select a large breed.

I have a small house or apartment, and do not have easy access to outdoor exercise space

If this was your answer, think carefully about how you will exercise your dog. If you live in a small apartment in a highly-traveled area, and don’t have a park within walking distance, you will have to make a concerted effort to exercise him/her. Is this a realistic option for you? Either think carefully about how you can achieve this, or consider this carefully when choosing a breed, and look for low-activity breeds that do not require much exercise.

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