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Selection Quiz for Choosing a Dog

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Selection Quiz for Choosing a Dog - quiz paper with pencilOur selection quiz for choosing a dog is designed to help you determine what your lifestyle is like, so that you can narrow down the vast number of breeds available when choosing to a manageable group of likely candidates. This quiz is designed to be printed out and then taken. Because this quiz is designed to help you carefully think through what is important to you and your family when choosing breeds and the breed traits to consider before making your selection, it is designed to be printed out and taken when you can devote some time and perhaps share the questions with your family. After you take the quiz, you will find the answers and some suggestions about the next steps to take in your quest of choosing your perfect family dog. The goal here is to find the right breed for your family based on what you and your family are already doing, so that the transition of bringing dogs into your life will be pleasant and fun. Proper selection is extremely important. We want to make sure that you are making the very best selection that will be the perfectmatch for you. This selection quiz for choosing dogs will help you consider the requirements that different dogs need and what you are willing and able to commit to beforehand, so that you can search with this information in mind. Please take this quiz, and be extremely honest with yourself in the process. You might discover something that you were not aware of as you are taking the selection questionnaire. Steering an answer to get the result you think you want will only do you and your future companion a disservice in the long run. Print out our selection quiz, and be honest while choosing your answers. Circle the best answer for each question, and after you are finished, then click on the link at the bottom of the page to find out what your answers indicate, which will help you greatly in the selection process. Here is an easier format to use for printing. GREAT! Let’s get started.

Quiz Q.1- Why do you want a dog? (circle all that apply):

  • For my children
  • Companionship
  • Security
  • Jogging buddy
  • To show in the Dog Show circuit
  • To socialize with other dog lovers
  • Something else not listed:

Quiz Q.2- What is your lifestyle like? (circle all that apply):

  • I work full-time
  • I am home a good deal of the time
  • I am a neat freak
  • I am OK with some clutter
  • I don’t care what my house looks like!
  • I am very active, and would like an active dog
  • I would like a companion, but would rather have a calm, quiet dog
  • I would enjoy a dog that likes outdoor activity, but is quiet indoors


Quiz Q.3- How do you like dogs to relate to you and others? (Circle the best answer):

  • Must be good with children
  • I want a dog that loves everyone!
  • I want one that loves the entire family, and is friendly with our acquaintances
  • I want one that loves the entire family, and is tolerant of others
  • I want one that loves our family, but doesn’t warm up quickly to others
  • I want more of a “one-person” dog, who will gravitate towards me, but will still enjoy my family and accept others


Quiz Q.4- What is your living environment like? (circle one):

  • I have a mid-sized to large house and a fenced yard
  • I have a mid-sized to large house, and access to daily outdoor space
  • I have a small house or apartment with access to daily outdoor exercise space
  • I have a small house or apartment, and do not have easy access to outdoor exercise space


Quiz Q.5- Can your finances support caring for dogs? (circle one):

  • Finances are not a problem
  • I will need to budget, but have carefully considered all of the costs
  • My finances fluctuate, so it will be hard to budget. What do I need besides food anyway?
  • Finances are tight. I am not sure what the total costs might be.


Quiz Q.6- How committed can you be to your dog? (check one):

  • I am interested and able to spend time every day, training, grooming and exercising him/her
  • My time is limited, but I am dedicated to spending some time each day training, exercising and/or grooming him/her
  • I am not sure how much time I can dedicate to training, exercising and grooming, but have some time each week. I can take them out for daily walks, though
  • How much time do dogs need? Isn’t taking them out to go to the bathroom enough?


Other considerations:

  • Does your family like to travel? Would you enjoy taking dogs with you or need to spend money on boarding them while you are away?
  • Have you checked with your landlord or association about their rules regarding dogs?
  • Is anyone in your family allergic?
  • What is the age of the youngest child that will be around your dog on a regular basis?
  • Have you thought about how future lifestyle changes might affect your ability to care for your new furry family member? (babies, job schedule changes, impending move, etc.)

The selection process can seem daunting, but the time you take now while thinking through what you really want will make choosing the best puppy for your family something that will make you happy for many years ahead. Happy choosing!

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