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Selection Quiz for Choosing a Dog Answers

Selection Quiz for Choosing a Dog
Answers Start Here: Answer #1

Your answers to the quiz for choosing a dog will help narrow your choices regarding basic traits to look for in your new companion.

This is a great companion to our dog breed selector tool, which will pull specific breed suggestions from a database based on the information you give it.

But don’t go there quite yet, or you won’t have the important information that gives you the reasons why those breeds were suggested in the first place! Begin your quest by first taking our quiz…. See the answers to our selection quiz just below, and read our evaluations about what your quiz answers indicate.

Selection Quiz for Choosing a Dog Answers for Quiz Q. #1
Why do you want a dog?

Your answers to this first question help establish some of the basic criteria for choosing your new dog. If you answered:

For my children

Not only do you want a dog that is extremely social and generally good with kids, you also need to realize that, though you would love for your kids to take responsibility for your new pet and it should be encouraged by you, the primary brunt of the responsibility will always fall to one of the adults in the household. Don’t lose sight, that even if your kids promise to be the ones to feed and take him/her out to the bathroom, you will be the primary caregiver, and must supplement the care that your children contribute with longer walks, playtime, trips to the vet, etc.


If you checked this as one of your requirements, just make sure that the breeds you consider are not “loners” or aloof breeds. Many dogs were specifically bred as companion animals, so you will have many to choose from in this category.



Since the focus of this site is on family dogs, we will strongly dissuade you from getting a breed that falls into the category of “guard dogs.” These dogs are bred to be territorial and dominant, and are not a good match for children in general. Watch dogs, however, who will alert you to people coming up your driveway are fine, and perhaps even a good thing, but know that watch dogs tend to bark more than others outside this category, research how sensitive the breed you are considering is to outside stimuli before you make your final breed decision.

Jogging buddy

Choose a mid-size to larger breed, or they’ll have trouble keeping up with your pace. Also, you will want dogs that are more active breeds, for example one of the sporting dogs. Women joggers (and most men too) will feel safer jogging alone with a bit larger breed at their side.

To show in the dog show circuit

You will need to factor in both looks and personality if this is how you answered. The AKC has a breed standard set for each registered breed of dog that they recognize. You can find out more by doing some research at the American Kennel Club site.

To socialize with other dog lovers

This is an easy one! Just make sure that your breed ranks high on the sociability register, since some breeds tend to be more aloof than others. There are dog parks, beaches, clubs, forums and groups all designed to bring together dogs and the families who love them.

Something else not listed

Be sure to research other questions you may have on the internet or in books. Feel free, also, to contact us directly and ask a question and we will do our best to help you.

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