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Beagle Puppy Pictures

Beagle Puppy Pic courtesy of Magic Madzik on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons If you’re looking for beagle puppy pictures, take a look at the ones we have collected here! Soft and adorable, you just can’t beat the sweetness of a beagle. All of the pictures we use here have Creative Commons licenses, and if attribution is […]

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Akita Puppy Pictures

Have you had a hard time finding good Akita puppy pictures? We have located some beautiful pics of this hearty Japanese breed, recognized as part of the American Kennel Club’s Working Dog Group. Akitas are sometimes referred to as Akita-inu and originally were large game hunters and, unfortunately, in centuries past were used in dog fighting. […]

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Labrador Puppy Pictures – Yellow, Black, and Chocolate

Labrador Puppy Pictures We have some beautiful labrador puppy pictures to share with you here! Labrador retrievers are wonderfully appealing dogs. They get along great with kids and families and are very trainable, which makes them a terrific family dog. As puppies, they are charming and absolutely adorable! Check out our pictures of yellow, black […]

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