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Dog Coloring Pages

We have a great selection of dog coloring pages here on our site. What better way to talk to your young child about how to care for dogs than by introducing him or her to our fun coloring pages? All of our coloring pages feature simple yet interesting pictures of dogs to color, but also […]

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Dog Coloring Book

Our dog coloring book is fun to color and gets some great messages across to kids about being gentle with dogs and helping with their care. All of the pages in color book feature simple illustrations of pictures that kids can color, but each one also includes an important message to children about dogs- caring […]

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Coloring Pages of Dogs: Bathtime

Our coloring pages of dogs are fun and help kids learn about responsibility. This coloring page, titled Bathtime, shows a boy and a girl giving their dog a bath. It includes a positive message about asking one of the adults in their home how they can help with the care of their family dog, and […]

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Coloring Page of Dog Being Hugged

Print out our “Coloring Page of Dog Being Hugged” for your kids, and they will have lots of fun coloring it while learning an important message about being gentle with their animals. Little kids can be over-zealous in their affection for their dogs and their curiosity can lead them to poke and squeeze their dogs […]

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