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Choosing a Dog

It seems that choosing a dog, for most families, is a confusing process.“Where do I even begin?” you may ask. The Dog Paw Print website aims to help you through the maze of questions and information overload that is bound to come up when learning about dogs for you and your family. Dogs and Kids One […]

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Best Family Dog- Golden Retriever puppy with child

Best Family Dog

The best family dog can mean different things to different families, but certain types of dogs tend to work best as family dogs, and family-friendly traits show up in certain breeds more than others. We will attempt to list for you some of the most dependable breeds for family dogs, talk about the traits that […]

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Youthful man with this dog

Choosing the Right Dog for YOU

Learn how to find a great dog match that fits in with your family’s lifestyle, likes and tolerences. You’ll find out a lot about what will work best by using our tools and reading the advice in the articles on Dog Paw Print. The most effective help for choosing the right dog for you is available right […]

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