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Funny Dogs – Silly Pics, Poems, and Videos

Here’s hoping these funny pictures and videos will make you laugh! We’ve pulled together some favorites to share with you. First, we have an excellent collection of well-written haiku poems, penned by funny dogs and famous canine poets. If you have a dog that enjoys writing haiku or other poems, please be sure to tell […]

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Funny Dogs and Cats

These are some of the funniest pics and videos of dogs and cats that just HAVE to be shared. Hope you enjoy them! You probably know some pretty funny dogs and cats. Like you, I love them, and am always on the lookout for great videos, photos and stories featuring silly dogs and cats that […]

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Funny Dog Picture Gallery

This funny dog picture gallery has a theme: dogs and refrigerators! Check out the funny pictures of dogs near, under, opening and even ON refrigerators. You wouldn’t think that they would go together all that well, but when you consider all of the great things that are stored inside the refrigerator, you may understand why […]

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